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So, you want to be in the music business and also you require a music internship to acquire your foot in the door? over there sure space a the majority of you out there. I understand this due to the fact that I own a music PR firm and every time we placed out a call for internships or jobs, we acquire a stupid lot of resumes.

Once ~ above a time, ns was similar to you: dying to monitor my passion and also trying come land a job in the sector of my dreams. It to be a humbling and, in ~ times, humiliating exercise; this article, mine young aspiring music service mogul, is for you. Interns are needed in every page of the industry, and also most of my music industry friends (myself included) began out as unpaid interns before leveraging them right into paying jobs.

If girlfriend live in or near new York or LA, this overview will be basic to follow step by step. If friend don’t: no to worry! You will be great at exactly how many tiny music suppliers are flourishing in every city and state.

Please note: as result of policies, most bigger companies need to employ only students enrolled in college looking to get credit. So, if her internship is no for credit, check prior to you obtain your heart set on a place you may not be qualified to fill.

You will (Likely) not Be Paid

I understand you are spending a fortune to go to college, yet here is the reality: 99.9% of every music business internships room unpaid. I understand it does not seem fair, however there are so many world looking to acquire started the compensation is hardly ever offered. Most of the moment you will need to do the internship for college credit. If making money is on your goal list, girlfriend will require to get a 2nd job to feed her passion approximately music.

OK, currently that you understand you will be working for free and most likely paying your college to obtain credit – so actually you will certainly be payment to occupational – make it something you desire to do!


Step 1: determine Your areas Of Interest

Ask yourself what component of the music business you desire to it is in in. Marketing? Streaming? Publicity? digital Marketing? Touring? A&R? You might not know the answer to this question yet, and also that’s perfect fine! once you acquire some some endure in a certain area, you’ll have a far better sense of wherein you can fit in the industry. HOWEVER, if you don’t point out what locations you are at the very least interested in trying, the civilization in fee of hiring you will have actually no idea exactly how they deserve to fit you into their businesses.

To obtain some working understanding of what different parts the the music industry are available, check out blogs and also do online study so friend don’t walk in spring unprepared. Hypebot is a great place to start.

Step 2: do A Dream perform Of carriers & artist You Love

Research as much as you have the right to in your liked field.

If you are interested in functioning at a music-related charity, refer to our considerable list here. Or if you want to job-related specifically for a woman, here are 100 women-run providers to choose from. 

If friend love a details band or artist, look at up who they work-related with and put those suppliers on your list. Nothing is much more thrilling and also satisfying than working for her FAVORITE artists and also bands (I still gain a thrill the end of that, and I’ve been working in the music sector for 20+ years).

Step 3: Rock your Resume

Create the finest resume you can put together. There are many websites, books, and also even her career counseling office at institution that have the right to instruct girlfriend on how to do this.

Some basic resume pointers:Be Concise – one web page only.Be in-depth – What did you carry out at your previous work that space listed? These must express her talents.Be amazing – Include an individual touches and hobbies or one-of-a-kind interests.

TIP – The music service tends to be a bit much more informal, therefore you have actually a tiny bit more room to play with your resume and make her personality shine v than you would on a corporate resume.

TIP – Add her LinkedIn and other social media links to your resume and also make certain they look professional.

TIP – If you are in college, you most likely don’t have a large amount that experience, and also that’s fully okay. Lead v enthusiasm and passion and you will go far.

Step 4: obtain Recommendations

In an market that’s for this reason dependent ~ above connections, it comes as no surprise that a couple of good key recommendations can help get you where you desire to be.

Call an old employer, a professor, or a good person in her life who can write friend a spectacular recommendation letter. Questioning the person writing the letter to mention strengths that will certainly be cohesive through the position you want.

Step 5: begin Applying

Call the carriers of your dreams. They may not be heralding for interns, for this reason you must cold contact or email and ask very first if castle would think about accepting a resume. It is in excited and tell the reality that you uncovered out around their firm and you would certainly love to be considered. Climate ask to whom the resume should be addressed.

There are plenty that websites wherein employers short article for interns – we prefer entertainment careers. At any type of given time, there room plenty of internships obtainable there!

Your college’s career office is a an excellent tool, but don’t count on them as your key resource. My best interns uncovered me by spring online. In fact, our director of society Media & style Kayla Coughlan started out as an intern after stumbling across Cyber PR Music online!


Step 6: understand The Music Internship golden Rules

Send A sheathe Letter!

NEVER send a resume there is no a sheathe letter the is customized and mentions why you would be the perfect intern! It’s completely unprofessional.

Include the NAME, ADDRESS, company NAME, and also INDIVIDUAL’S surname on every cover letter, and customize each letter for that specific company. Yes, this will take longer but it will also get girlfriend results.

Note: the end of the 150 resumes I just received on my last round of hirings, just three human being put my agency name top top the covering letter and also wrote “Dear Ms. Hyatt”.

100% of all of these letters pointed out in the an initial paragraph the the candidate had excellent communication skills. If you room so fantastic at communicating, how come my name was no mentioned? The letters that yes, really annoyed me and made me never ever want to satisfy the candidate to be the letter that stated “Dear Sir” (I am a woman) or “Dear HR Dept” or even more gross: “Dear rental Committee” (I’m the only one that makes decisions in ~ my company around hiring, 25 secs on mine website would certainly teach friend that).

Mention some points that relate straight to the agency you are using to – the surname of the artists, her passion about what it is they do, just how you became interested in music, etc.

Do not write any kind of of the following lines in your cover letter:

“I have actually excellent communication skills.”

“I have actually loved music for as long as I have the right to remember, due to the fact that the day i was born.”

“I believe I am the perfect enhance for your agency (unless you speak WHY).”

“My comprehensive background in music…” i m really sorry to tell friend this however if you room under the period of 25 girlfriend DON’T have an extensive background (an comprehensive background is 10 year or more).

If applicable, create the adhering to lines:

“I have been a pan of (artist’s surname this agency works through here) due to the fact that (year/concert friend attended, etc.).”

“I have constantly wanted to learn around (company’s specialty here) and a position at your agency would administer me just that opportunity.”

“I have already had some endure with (booking, promoting, etc), and would love to broaden on what i have already learned in ~ (school, volunteering, etc.).”

If friend are applying to a marketing or PR certain that involves an virtual space, to mark how many social media friends/followers you have, and what music sites and also blogs you favor to read. A well-connected intern is a huge asset!

Step 7: Send A physical Copy Of her Resume

Most of these websites provide you an user interface to walk through and also you submit her resume directly to castle via the Internet. Definitely do this and also IN ADDITION, if you have the right to mail in your resume, I very recommend you execute this too (remember to address with a details person’s name!)

Step 8: Treat every Resume prefer A shed Puppy (Or Kitten)

Back to my 150 candidates – not ONE dubbed to follow as much as see if I had received their music internship resume.

A few days after girlfriend send the resume, call to follow up!

This is a good way come stand the end in the crowd because NO ONE else IS CALLING.

Even if the website claims “don’t speak to us, we’ll contact you” you must call and also politely asking if her resume was received due to the fact that 100% of anyone I know in the music service is so busy that they don’t have actually time to constantly follow up through the deluge of resumes. This might be a missed opportunity to soil an internship!

Step 9: Slay your Internship Interview

So, you complied with my steps and you got an interview collection up? Wonderful!

If you gain three or 4 interviews, go to the one that you are least interested in first to sharpen her interview skills.

Call the day of the interview to confirm. It’s professional and a good way to stand out.

Be 5 minutes at an early stage (not more), and also remember the music organization is casual so a fit is very discouraged. Ns suggest service casual.

Don’t get on your mobile phone when you space waiting!

Bring two duplicates of her resume, covering letter, and recommendation letter and also some creating samples (if applicable – also if it’s a record you wrote about the music business). This is interesting and it sets you apart.

Don’t be fear to ask questions, together as:What walk a usual music internship incorporate here?Do you have some specific projects I can be functioning on?

With many music internship interviews ns do, I constantly have to ask if the interviewee has any type of questions. And also it always leaves a monster taste in my mouth if they have actually NONE – even if friend ask how plenty of days the company is expecting interns come work and what the hours would be.

Make certain to in ~ least create a dialogue. I suggest preparing 2-3 thorough questions the you have researched by looking online at this details company.

Interview tips: 

TIP: The smaller the company, the much more work girlfriend will end up contributing and the much more experience you will acquire – it’s simply the nature that the beast.

TIP:  If friend don’t favor the person that interviews you, carry out not take the job. Trust her instincts!

TIP: Don’t questioning if the music internship will turn right into a paid position. You are in fee of being the most awesome intern the they ever had. This will lead to a job – however first, you have to prove yourself!

Step 10: follow Up. Always Follow Up.

Even if girlfriend didn’t love the interview, always send a give thanks to you email to follow up (or much better yet a CARD!) come say many thanks for taking the time to interview me for the music internship in (area the work, company name, etc.).

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If friend really delighted in the interview, say so and also include why. And also don’t be afraid to say “after conference you ns am even much more convinced that i would prefer to work-related with you!” Flattery WILL get you (almost) everywhere.

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