“A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty is an interesting quick story, complete of symbolism. This story is about an old african American lady called Phoenix Jackson. The story does not straight tells us that she is old, yet we know she is old due to the fact that she forgets the reason why she visited the town. Welty writes around Phoenix’s journey v the woods that Mississippi to the town of Natchez to get medicine for she grandson. Follow me the way, Phoenix encounters number of obstacles in her way, which have actually symbolism and on the points she says on her method to the town. Symbolism is presented on the obstacles she meet on her way to the town. The obstacles show and also represent racism for example on the huge dead trees, cake, and mistletoe. In she story “A Worn Path,” Eudora Welty offered symbolism to demonstrate that determination and also will enabled Phoenix to endure in life no matter how complicated the struggle was.The story mirrors that there could be still enslavement or the has already passed, yet we understand that there is quiet racism. Servants were escaping native their owners to cost-free land wherein African American would be free. The city of Natchez map was an overland trail between Nashville, Tennessee, and Natchez, Mississippi. In the at an early stage 1800s, it to be a "worn path", which promoted progress because that the afri American slaves. Her trip was along a "worn path," this way that she had actually walked this trip numerous times. This worn route is also symbolic because that the pilgrimages made by every pilgrims who were on a quest, spiritual or otherwise, in every one of history; the worn route is full of challenges and hardships along the way. The pilgrims were favor the african salves because they also wanted to be complimentary and do whatever they want to do. Many blacks probably wanted to go to Natchez t...... Center of record ...... To obtain her nephew the assist that he needs. Eudora Welty composed the quick story based upon the southern way of life that she had actually observed. The modernist theme focused on overcoming and also problem no matter what that took. Welty’s writing was a emphasis on the african American lifestyle in the southern in the early nineteen hundreds. It was a hard road because that the afri Americans however they go what they had actually to. For example Phoenix encounters countless things that Eudora Welty explains the readers to racism in the south. Welty symbolizes racism through the dead trees, the cake, and mistletoe. Also, racism is displayed by the action on the white world towards her..Work CitedWelty, Eudora. "The Atlantic." The Atlantic Monthly. Feb. 1980. 22 May.

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