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Lonely, I'm pops lonelyHey, hey, nigga, shut your bitch ass up nigga (I have nobody...)Ain't no one lonely over here niggaNigga I'm so fresh you have the right to suck mine motherfucking nuts, bitch (yeah, nigga, you have the right to tell the nigga close up door the fuck up, nigga)Ain't no one lonely nigga, don't know what the fuck friend talking around nigga (tell that nigga we don't give a fuck, nigga, swag, swag nigga)I'm so new you deserve to suck mine nutsNigga, I'm so new you have the right to suck mine nutsI simply hopped out the shower prefer a million bucksHunned on my wrist, nigga, I'm therefore cleanNigga, Soulja boy Tell'em execute some shit you ain't never ever seenYour boy pull up in that stretch limousineAin't never gave a fuck, nigga, I'm therefore freshYou deserve to suck my motherfucking nuts, niggaYellow diamond on mine fucking wristYellow diamond on mine fucking wristI'd'a hit the trick I'd'a hit the 'afore they flipped that bitI got bitches in three-sixties like a racecar trip, niggaYoung Soulja ns done hit the niggaNiggas mad in ~ me cause I got a hunned on my fucking dickNiggas mad cause I'm tighten' it upI never ever really provided a fuck about the action nigga, swag me up (uh, nigga swag me out)Nigga I'm so fresh you deserve to suck my nuts, niggaSwag, hit the sceneI perform some shit girlfriend ain't never ever seen nigga (AK clean, nigga)Yellow diamond on mine motherfucking watch, niggaI fight the motherfucking block, niggaI'm so warm niggaDre The Developer dot com, log on and also uh, log on (I don't provide a fucking fuck...)Hit me increase on twitter, bitchCheck me out, nigga, i hit the spotSoulja boy Tell'em, nigga, I'm standin' on topSee me in ~ the store, nigga, I'm hot as a bitchAin't never offered a fuck, nigga, swag on my wrist
Yellow diamond watch expense me a totality pennySoulja young Tell'Em, I'm the baller of the centuryNever provided a fuck around no stupid-ass hoeShe hooked increase behind my back, and then ns fucked the hoeI must've nutted on her face reason I'm just that 'splicitAin't never ever really provided a fuck, nigga, check my lyricsSoulja boy Tell'em, I'm the best that's out, niggaWhat the fuck girlfriend talkin' bout? I'll smoke the bluntRealtalk nigga, I'd'a hit that blockSoulja boy Tell'em man, nigga, I'm so damn hot!Okay, I'm so fresh you gonna never ever never need himDon't check out a lot of niggas go hard like meYou deserve to log top top twitter you have the right to see, talk meYou deserve to see 2.5 niggas followin' meHotter than a bitch, nigga, hot as fuckI'm ~ above DMT get my prick suckedSolo! Swag, nigga, swag me out, nigga, i don't provide a posesthe (swag, nigga, cut the beat, cut the beat, nigga)I'm so fresh you deserve to suck my nutsI'm so new you deserve to suck mine nuts (swag)I'm so new you have the right to suck my nutsUnh, I'm so new you have the right to suck mine nuts