Episode seven of Tyler Perry’s If loving You Is Wrong was one more interesting one! The episode started off fairly slow, yet things gained even an ext intense together the episode went on! Love, family, threats,….and a possible death? The madness never ends!


Hope you saw last week’s If loving You Is Wrong episode! If love You Is wrong 2016 Recap: S4 E6 – Betting top top Tina.

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The If loving You Is Wrong illustration starts off with Joey and also Faun on the couch make out, once they hear tricks fumbling at the door – it’s Lushion coming to obtain the proof out the breadbox. Panicked and also hid Faun before he opened up the door, therefore luckily that didn’t gain caught. Lushion was almost everywhere the location for the tape but couldn’t discover it. The decides to walk on earlier to the station and also Natalie earlier to Alex’s home to asking the kids about it. As Lushion is leaving, Natalie go in the earlier and notices a shoe. She yells at Lushion, “Someone is in the house!” Lushion comes prepared to blast who – however it’s just Faun. Pitiful!

Julius heads over to Randal’s to see him, whereby Julius asks around Tilda and also his sister. Meanwhile, Quan visited Joey’s and also told him the he’s a dead man and that he’s gonna gain Faun too. Joey didn’t look as well fazed by it though.

Julius goes come the hospital to check out his dad, as soon as the lawyer meets him. The lawyer tells him the Julius is around to it is in taken the end of the will tomorrow – everything will walk to Tilda, his sister, and his mother. As his wheels are turning, Tilda comes in. Julius tries come be every smart, yet you understand Tilda ain’t the one! Tilda called the lawyer that he much better beef up defense in here, since he’s crazy and also so is she!

Then we view Alex at her home, simply waking up. The women were talking to her around how proud they room of she for standing as much as Randal and blah blah. They tell her that she needs to allow Randal check out his son, however Alex says, “No. Mine son has a father – Brad.” Really, heifer? Really?

Meanwhile, Brad and also Marcie room in your apartment the town hall TV when Brad tries to cuddle with her. Marcie speak him the he misses his wife and needs to go on home: “There’s a chance for you guys. Ain’t no possibility for me and also Randal, but there’s a opportunity for friend guys.” climate Brad tells her around everything that occurred when the went back to gain his stuff and whatnot.

As that’s going on, the nurse in Pete’s room clean him up. Eddie’s in the hallway once he watch Andrew come in. He speak Andrew the he needs to acquire on his side. Andrew tries to play along and also was like, “Yeah, ns been make the efforts to it is in on your side.” then Eddie’s like, “Nah. Don’t trust you.” Eddie, friend stupid and I don’t favor you. Moving on.

Then Eddie gets on the elevator and also so happens to fulfill Julius. Julius tries come threaten Eddie, however everyone supposedly knows Julius ain’t bout the life. So Eddie asks Julius is he’s the one who obtained him shot. Julius is like, “Nah, I would have provided you two to the head. But I do know who did – Quan. And ask Lushion around it, he to know all around Quan.” Lawd…

Then Julius goes ago to his father’s room, choose up a pillow, and also puts it end his face….

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That’s as soon as the ILYIW episode goes off!

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