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I"m spring at building a gaming pc, and my primary goal is to make it powerful enough to operation future games too as contemporary ones. Ns was looking at buying an i7-8700k (3.7 GHz, $300) since it see seemed the ideal price for the power it offered since it"s essentially Intel"s flagship processor. However I observed the i7-8086 (5.0 GHz, $400) and it is minorly more powerful however it"s clock rate is substantially higher. So is it precious paying the extra $100 for the clock speed (and i think 2 more cores, not sure)? I"m trying to keep costs to a minimum but if this gives me a significant advantage and longevity, i would consider the price.

Nope. Save your $$$ and also just obtain a 8700k. The minuscule power difference between the 2 processors is no worth +$100. Plus the 5ghz turbo clock is just guaranteed top top a solitary core, therefore if you intended to overclock in ~ all, this i do not care moot.

Nope. Conserve your $$$ and just acquire a 8700k. The minuscule performance difference between the two processors is not worth +$100. To add the 5ghz turbo clock is just guaranteed on a solitary core, so if you intended to overclock in ~ all, this i do not care moot.
I"m looking at structure a gaming pc, and also my main goal is to do it an effective enough to operation future games also as modern ones. Ns was looking in ~ buying one i7-8700k (3.7 GHz, $300) because it see appeared the ideal price because that the power it available since it"s essentially Intel"s flagship processor. However I experienced the i7-8086 (5.0 GHz, $400) and also it is minorly an ext powerful but it"s clock speed is considerably higher. For this reason is it precious paying the extra $100 because that the clock rate (and i think 2 much more cores, no sure)? I"m trying come keep prices to a minimum however if this offers me a far-ranging advantage and longevity, ns would consider the price.
The distinction in rate is no significant. I would spend this extra $100 ~ above a bigger/better SSD or better PSU. Unless of course your budget plan is unlimited

Nope. The 8086k is really just a limited market item come celebrate 40 years since the initial 8086. If you win the silicon lottery girlfriend can achieve the exact same core speeds through the normal 8700k.Please note the 5.0 Ghz to be for only 1 core, no the entire package.
Just think the the 8086k as the hand picked 8700k chips rebranded. Thats every they are. V a constant 8700k chip its just a slight gambling if girlfriend will have the ability to overclock. Its possible it will certainly still be able to hit 5Ghz turbo through overclocking but if not, oh well girlfriend still conserved 100 dollars.

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I7-8086K is rumored to be higher binned 8700K, for this reason if you are planning to walk crazy v delids and also such, that is likely you will be forgive silicon lottery to some extent and also will be able to OC greater than median 8700K, but that"s about it. Share - it"s 5GHz thing is misleading in ~ best, because it"s just for solitary core boost, while rest of the an increase cases entirely identical come 8700K, an interpretation it"s accurate 8700k stockAlso, that looks cool in forum sig, that"s why ns am acquiring it delidded, pre-tested and all the bells and whistles to run my target the 5GHz every cores.
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