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Seth CasselJanuary 2008

"The Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock"

The situation of Eliot"s "The Love track of J. Alfred Prufrock" seems as though Prufrock, the speaker, privately struggles with the decision of whether or not to speak with a woman. The is an elevated gathering of people, perhaps a restaurant, wherein "the mrs come and go / talk of Michelangelo" (13-14). Amidst this group of people, Prufrock has identified a woman that he takes interest in, however does not method the woman, rather doubting himself and wondering "do ns dare?" (38) and "how should I begin?" (69). Prufrock"s obsessing and eventual decision not to method the woman shows a good deal around his character. He very first sees an attempt as being futile because of his middle-aged "bald spot" (40) and also average appearance, i beg your pardon would reason him to be regarded as unappealing. Later, Prufrock return to this idea once he concerns whether or no he would have the "strength to pressure the moment" (80) or to more his relationship with the woman. However, he quickly remembers how he has seen his "head … brought in upon a platter" (82) and also like before, returns to the belief that in do an advancement on the mrs he would be castigated by society. This unwillingness the the speak to take risks and also his propensity to downplay his prestige intensifies in the close up door lines. The last section of "The Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock" starts with Prufrock"s exclamatory remark the "No! ns am not Prince Hamlet, no one was supposed to be" (111). Prufrock sees himself together a common and also ordinary person. That calls self "an attendant lord" (112) who is content to live life together a monitor of those that are great and not worthy of the mrs he desires. The city closes through abstract imagery centering top top the idea that the mermaid. Prufrock says, "I have actually heard the mermaids singing, every to each. / I execute not think that they will certainly sing come me" (124-125).

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Prufrock watch the mermaid, a symbol for every one of woman, as epitomizing woman perfection and always in the distance, the end of his reach. The last heat of the poem argues that in his personal isolation, Prufrock will "drown" (130), as the mermaids, or woman, will certainly live on unaffected by his death.