Are they friends or foes? have actually they really been dissing every other? Is over there a collaboration on the way? Here's what's gone down in between the woman rappers therefore far...

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2. However, Nicki was spotted dancing come 'Bodak Yellow' a couple of weeks later.

The 'No Frauds' rapper could be viewed nodding she head in evaluation to Cardi's summer smash in a Miami nightclub.


3. Nicki fired a shot in ~ a mrs rapper in 'No Flag', which features Cardi's friend Offset.

“I heard this labels are trying to make an additional me / everything you’re getting tiny hoe is due to the fact that of me,” Minaj spits top top the track. Many thought this to it is in a Cardi diss...Picture: Getty


4. Nicki Minaj later tweeted come clarify that the lyric in 'No Flag' to be not around Cardi.

The rapper declared to have written that details line in previous months. Picture: Instagram


5. Cardi dubbed out one unnamed woman during a performance in august 2017.

“You recognize this b***h she never f**king favored me, and all of a sudden she desire to be friends with me — no, b**ch,” Cardi claimed on the MoMA PS1 stage. “I still don’t prefer you b***h.” to be this about Nicki?

6. Cardi B addressed the rumoured beef during an interview at the 2017 MTV VMAs.

“I nothing want difficulties with anybody. I simply want to make music and also make money,” stated Cardi. “I don’t have actually time to look at various other women and also what lock doing. Ns don’t need to do that whole industry beef, girlfriend know? I get it poppin’ through these hands.”

7. Cardi B fired an alleged shot throughout her verse on G Eazy's 'No Limit'.

“Can you avoid with all the subs? B***h i ain’t Jared,” the rapper spits in the lyric, i m sorry many believed was aimed in ~ Nicki.

8. A couple of weeks later, Cardi denied dissing Nicki and also confirmed the the pair have actually no beef.

During her interview ~ above The Breakfast Club, the 'Bodak Yellow' rapper claimed that the two female rappers had actually "conversated". She clarified: “This is the thing—you know, people don’t understand, though, the I obtained like beef v 10 b*****s quiet in the hood, and I still it is in in the hood."

9. Pan of Nicki and also Taylor Swift make the efforts to keep Cardi's 'Bodak Yellow' turn off the number one spot.

The fandoms began excessively streaming Swift's 'Look What friend Made Me Do' in a bid to store Cardi's monitor away. Taylor's fans want their idol at number one, whilst Nicki's pan allegedly felt intimidated by the media's late of Cardi as "the following Nicki Minaj".

10. After 'Bodak Yellow' hit the number one spot, Nicki took no time in congratulating Cardi.

"This is the only thing the matters!!! reap it" Nicki wrote. Cari responded to the rapstress's tweet, thanking her and telling her "This way sooo much coming native you!"

11. Both Nicki and also Cardi featured top top Migos song 'Motorsport', which to be released in October 2017.

The track was the very first single released from Migos' forthcoming album 'Culture II', and also marks Nicki and Cardi's an initial collaboration together. The pair both showed up in the official music video, albeit in separate scenes.

12. Cardi cleared up rumours that the pair were actually throwing shots in ~ each other in 'Motorsport'.

During she interview with capital XTRA, Cardi revealed the the pair has talked briefly, adding that Nicki's verse on the final cut was actually various to the original one Cardi had heard. She clarified that once Migos' member Quavo approached she to jump on the song, she was all set to take the chance with the stars.

13. Cardi addressed the beef hours before the relax of her debut album 'Invasion of Privacy'.

"I just feel choose it's really internet made-up," she said during an interview. “I don't really have the time for that. If you no f*cking my man, or if you're not taking my money from me, if you're not stopping my money, then i don't really offer a f*ck around you." She included "I speak to she before, in person. Therefore I always say ns don’t want anybody sneak-dissing me. If its something the we deserve to talk the out, then we can talk it out, due to the fact that it’s not always rah rah this or rah rah that.”

14. For this reason what space Cardi B’s social media accounts?

Well guys, she doesn’t have a Snapchat account that we recognize of we’re afraid. Or at the very least we’ve never obtained wind that a Cardi B Snapchat name or username. However, a Cardi B Twitter, Cardi B Instagram and a Cardi B Facebook web page do exist under the name (

15. Cardi B and also Nicki Minaj will compete for the optimal Female lab Artist award at the Billboard Awards.

Cardi B and also Nicki Minaj will go head-to-head in ~ the 2018 Billboard Music Awards ~ they to be both nominated because that the height Female laboratory Artist award, together Bhad Bhabie. Both artists are collection to have brand-new albums in the 2018. That will win? Picture: Getty

16. Nicki and Cardi bumped right into each various other at the 2018 Met Gala.

The pair were spotted chatting increase a storm during the star-studded event, share what showed up to it is in a familiar exchange. It's stated that the pair week brought together by designer Jeremy Scott, who is a close friend of Nicki's and likewise designed Cardi's gown because that the evening.

17. Nicki Minaj tells Cardi B to stop being so perceptible to criticism.

Nicki Minaj offered Cardi B some back-handed advice if on her own platform Queen Radio. She said: “To me, she may have actually taken an problem with points that i’ve said, yet I’m not going come bite my tongue. Friend gotta have actually thick skin. Human being talk sh*t about me all the time. You can not be intend to be liked and loved and praised every the f*ckin’ time. Give me a break.” Picture: Getty

18. Cardi B attempts come fight Nicki Minaj at brand-new York Fashion main 2018.

Cardi B reportedly gained into a physical altercation through Nicki Minaj in ~ Haarper's Bizarre's party at brand-new York Fashion Week. According to TMZ, Cardi approached Nicki's table aiming to fix their problems amicably. However after being elbowed in the face, Cardi then attempted to fight and also threw her shoe into the melee. Picture: Getty

19. Cardi B unleashes a furious Instagram rant after an illustration of Nicki's 'Queen Radio'.

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Following their fight in brand-new York, Cardi and Nicki concerned blows when again after ~ an episode of Nicki's 'Queen Radio' aired. In a collection of explosive Instagram videos, Cardi accused Nicki the lying around everything from endorsement deals and musical collaborations come false insurance claims of Cardi utilizing payola. Nicki responded on Twitter before the pair called a temporary truce online.

20. Did Nicki Minaj throw shade at Cardi B on 6ix9ine song 'MAMA'?

Cardi B addressed rumours that Nicki Minaj dissed she on the song. Despite Nicki never ever addressing she directly, she said: "Nah, I never ever f*cked a deejay on God. I faced scammers. Medicine dealers. I’ve encountered some bum a** n*ggas however I never ever f*cked me a deejay. I know what y’all gonna ask me and also I addressed this a entirety lot of times, ‘Didn’t you f*ck Self?’ No, I never ever f*cked Self. Ns never remained in a connection with Self. I never ever flirted through Self.”