"I Don"t understand What ns Expected" is a memorable quote said by Michael Bluth (played by Jason Bateman) in the second episode that the comedic TV collection Arrested Development, which originally aired in 2003. Online, that is frequently used in reaction GIFs come express disappointed in a object or themselves for pursuing a subject they understand will not an outcome in a satisfactory event.

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The expression was first uttered in “Top Banana,”<1> the 2nd episode that Arrested Development that premiered top top November 9th, 2003. In the episode, Michael Bluth opens up his refrigerator to discover a brown paper bag labeling “Dead Dove, execute Not Eat.” Upon opening the bag, which contained a dove that had actually been accidentally killed by his brother Gob Bluth (played by will certainly Arnett), Michael watch up with a perplexed expression and also utters “Well, ns don’t recognize what ns expected.”


Through the latter half of the 2000s, Michael Bluth"s quote to be referenced by pan while mentioning the display on Chud.com<3> and also Cricketweb,<4> and as at an early stage as October 30th, 2010, a three-pane screenshot that the scene started circulating on Tumblr.<2> In 2011, the image showed up in a thread about the show on FanForum.<5> through February 2012, the image had actually made its way to Reddit"s /r/Funny<6> in a write-up titled "How ns feel searching r/Poop," accruing 7,127 upvotes and also 197 comments before being archived.


Also in February 2012, the image appeared on gossip blog oh No lock Didn’t!<7> and humor site FunnyJunk<8> to explain people’s reactions to seeing images from Whitney Houston’s open-casket funeral and also browsing 4chan, respectively. In April, the picture began showing up on 4chan"s /tg/<9> plank (Traditional Games). In December, a GIF version (shown below) the the scene was added to net humor site PandaWhale.<10>


In January 2013, a still image of the scene to be submitted to the /r/ReactionJPEGs<11> subreddit and also that May, the animated version was included to the reaction GIF database Gifatron<12> as well as We recognize Memes.<13> together of October 2013, the single-frame still shot of Bluth"s reaction has actually been submitted to Reddit ten times<14> while the expression “I Don’t recognize What i Expected” has been used in more than 18,000 posts.

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<15> The phrase have the right to be likewise seen together a Tumblr tag,<16> though numerous of these write-ups do not utilize the Arrested Development photo or GIF.