simply stepped on someone’s hand? What execute you say? just how do girlfriend apologize in Chinese? how to say sorry in Chinese? once in China, it’s essential to know how to to speak sorry. The can get you the end of awkward situations, choose say, if who starts yelling at you and you’re… well, not fairly sure what they’re speak or why lock mad. It’s amazing just how saying sorry can (sometimes) immediately defuse a situation! So, think the “Sorry” together the magic word you need to know! better yet, we’re going to show you 3 magic words to use to apples in Chinese, so you deserve to say sorry in Chinese as soon as you step on who or as soon as you’ve just spilled this really angry-looking person’s drink….

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3 key expressions come say i m really sorry in Chinese: 

对不起, 抱歉 and 不好意思

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