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Throughout this article, we’ll be concentrating on exactly how to turn off auto capitalization in Google Docs. Regardless of whether you’re a jug writer, student, or software application developer, working with text handling has come to be a necessity for practically every field now.

It is often the situation that when you hear of text documents, Microsoft Office concerns mind. So, if friend don’t have to frequently resolve this king of task, spending her hard-earned money to buy an expensive Microsoft Office subscription no sound really reasonable.

Luckily, we have LibreOffice and also several other free alternatives to Microsoft Office accessible on the open-source market. However, yes sir another an excellent option in Google Docs.

With this virtual utility, you will not only be able to read/write papers on the walk but additionally have a variation of it saved online. The only prerequisite to take benefit of this helpful service is an internet connection, which girlfriend might currently have considering you’re reading this article.

If you’re obtaining started v Google Docs, you can not come throughout any issues since the net application is pretty user-friendly. Through that gift said, yes one thing that might be bothersome and also it’s the auto-capitalization feature detailed by the application.

So, if you desire to turn off Auto Capitalization in Google Docs, you’re in luck together this write-up will be covering that. But, before, below are some instances where auto-capitalization might prove to be helpful.

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Why or why no auto-capitalize?

Although the auto-capitalization attribute may no suit everyone tastes, it might be pretty advantageous at times. If you’re creating a professional document, there is no room because that grammatical or assignment errors.

Other than that, pressing the change or cap Lock keys again and again to capitalize her words may be a bit tiring. In these cases, your ideal bet is to have actually this attribute turned on.

Knowing that, if you’re working on a special project such together a poem, girlfriend wouldn’t desire to capitalize some words that space usually capitalized. So, this feature could tick you off in case you’re working on together a project. If you’ve consisted of your mind about deactivating this feature, check out on to check out the basic steps because that doing so.

How to revolve off auto capitalization in Google Docs

If you’re someone who’s fond of keying fast, auto-capitalization might be a handy feature. However, it might be stroked nerves if it keeps capitalizing a word that you don’t want to it is in capitalized. Accordingly, it is understandable why you would desire to turn it turn off in part cases.

So, let’s see how you deserve to turn turn off this feature on your computer and also your phone.

Using a computer

If you want to rotate off auto-capitalization on her computer, climate there room a few simple actions you need to follow.


Next, you have to select “Preferences” i beg your pardon is situated in the tools tab;


From the preferences window, you have to uncheck the “Automatically capitalize words” item from the checklist and also click “OK”;


Now, the auto-capitalization attribute is deactivated.

Using a cell phone device

What makes Google Docs together a attract is the truth that it’s a default app in Android phones. Accordingly, you’d be able to read and write Word papers from the get-go there is no installing any additional applications.

However, if she wondering exactly how to deactivate the auto-capitalization feature in your Google Docs mobile app, then there’s some good news.

The Google Docs mobile app doesn’t have actually this feature turned on by default. If you’d like to use it, you’d only have the ability to do it by specifically clicking “Spellcheck” indigenous the menu.

Even then, the app won’t auto-capitalize your words, which might be a an excellent thing in part circumstances.

Wrap Up

There’s no denying the Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, and also other such software are important when working with message documents. However, you could ditch them for Google Docs because it has to offer so many other helpful features.

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Although it has a user-friendly interface, you might still come throughout issues while deactivating its auto-capitalization feature. If this post was maybe to aid you in this regard, make sure to leaving a Thumbs up in the comment ar below.