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Fallout 4 Nuka World mystery "AETERNUS" WEPON overview - unique GATLING LASER (Rare & distinctive Weapons) ► Click below to subscribe : http://goo.gl/2hcci1 This fallout 4 nuka people dlc video clip is based upon new unique,rare & mystery weapons in the new dlc ● my twitter https://twitter.com/TwoDynamicHD ● My on facebook https://www.facebook.com/TwoDynamic ● Google https://plus.google.com/+TwoDynamicHD i ordered it for an ext daily content: http://goo.gl/2hcci1 various other Fallout 4 Videos Nuka civilization Gameplay currently : http://goo.gl/d3s8Uj Nuka world Uniqe tools Playlist : http://goo.gl/qMFprJ Nuka human being Guides Playlist : http://goo.gl/Nrx2Zt Be certain to leave your feedback under in the comment section below and ignore,flag and dislike any unnecessary spam or dislike to aid keep the comment ar clean :)
Wolf99761: i killed all of the bosses and also raiders will it still workHarra: Ikrmark talbot: for me to gain the amoral combat quest all i did was ride the train back and soon to get something from the Commonwealth. And when ns got ago some raider said me to speak come fritsh or whatever his name was. Ns was no where near the strength play mission he"ll ns hadn"t also cleared out nuka civilization yet.Dominick Scavuzzo: TwoDynamic I"m make the efforts to finish nuke world but the password for the cloning facility component of safari adventure and I don"t know how to settle it. Deserve to someone aid me plzsmward87: Uniques usually had actually the same model, just with changed textures. Prefer Lucky because that example. It"s design is still just a regular 357 magnum, however it"s structure is silver and black through engravings and also a clover ~ above the grip.Tim Dev: i feel choose you care more about gamings than friend should.Mrburger 123: ns litreally did her methodLamb Sauce Gamer: Every time I obtain the pursuit it"s favor ChristmasRG_ VOID: it s okay the means u create the pursuit is every time u go to the commonwealth and then rapid travel come nuka world and also walk though the entrances it happens much more if you have actually finished nuka human being dlc after strength play thanks for reading thisKelpo: the one thing I hate around legendary tools is many of the properties space terrible and don"t help, and also some space amazing, prefer cryo explosive or fire prefixes, yet then you have like +1 happy or 150% damage resistants when reloadingKinoKanos: plz sub to my channel, that would help alotKevin Quiz: +mat .F boredCole Gladders: take 3 negotiations in republic under the pursuit that is offered (i dont remember what the is but u have to take every one of the sectors in nuka world) climate the following time friend return that should obtain activated and 5th time is supposed to be when the rogue night comes.THE REAPER: +TheSithlord259 ok simply making cause you were saying stupid shitLincoln Whitehead: To acquire the quest simply go talk to Fritsch in the Nuka Cade. I likewise activated by talk to a load member and he stated theres who in the guantletmauzeringus1: how did you obtain it to create for you again? just the gauntlet and also who said you about it?Levi Johnston: setstage 06039262 10 should offer the pursuit and collection it to the "talk come fritsch" phase of ithernandez0084: faaaaack!!! I just finished nuka world and kill Mason! is the pursuit not longer accessible for me??? aid anyone...last time missed something cool to be the ballistic weave by death the whole railroad people:/Novuh X: I never use the monorail.

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I just came back from the commonwealth and got the quest. Some raiders will just yell to u speak someone is in the gauntlet.Guard Boy: does this job-related when u totally free the traders?Star Dragon: This is a pains in this ass.Catboys are Trad!: yeah, in brand-new Vegas I"m pretty sure every distinctive weapon in reality looked unique.The meap8: Lol I gain this choose everytime I rapid travelRaleigh sus: +Ricki Morton no I addressed it, it"s actually more of a computer problem...Atomic Bleach: +Billonator117 Yes, Fritsch is no hostile.King29Lewis: difficulty matter?NutWaxxer78: for anyone who has actually played borderlands, this form of farming is nothing new lol.ShNope: +LowBudgetVids yaBattlefront Gameplay: no buggy for me I simply walk around in nuka world alarm goes talk to the guy and also fight is it no bugged for Xbox one?Joshua Palmer: This is do me want to reload and not kill the raiders..Supreme Buffalo: ^ this kid has autismsam sid: