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Play a track from a music app, start Snapchat, and press and hold Record.Record her video, then swipe down to the an alert panel to stop the music.Watch and listen come your video clip preview, and also post that if you're happy v it.

This post explains exactly how to include music to her Snapchat videos and also stories. Instructions use to the many recent variation of Snapchat because that iOS and Android.

just how to Send Snapchats through Music

The enhancement of a music function in Snapchat is something the brings it an ext up to rate with other contending social video apps, particularly Instagram. Before this update, if you wanted music come play in your Snapchat videos, you necessary another maker or computer system to pat it. Here's just how it works.

Open up your favorite music app and play any type of track girlfriend want. Even if it is it"s iTunes,Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud or any kind of other app, as lengthy as that plays music on her phone, you have the right to use it through Snapchat.

Keep in mind the Snapchat documents the music at a quite high volume, so consider turning it down in your music app if you want your very own voice or various other background sounds in your video to be heard through the music.

Launch Snapchat (with the music quiet playing), navigate come the camera tab, and also hold the big record button down to record your video clip message. The will document all the music your machine is play at the very same time. 

Before sending out or posting your video, swipe under from the top of the screen and also use the notification panel to stop the music. Then go back to Snapchat to watch/listen to your video preview.

If you're happy with your video preview and the music playing together with it, walk ahead and post it.

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Check out some of the fun lenses with built-in music tracks. Snapchat has been including more lenses favor this, some of which feature brand-new singles from well-known artists, which instantly start play music as quickly as you activate the lens. New ones are included every day, so keep checking.