Ancient Egypt is one of the most exciting worlds your course could maybe leap into. Mummies, unexplained medicine, Pharaohs, and of food – pyramids!

That’s what this handmade idea is all about. Recreate those stone-built marvels with simply a handful of clay and some gold repaint with this seven-step craft.

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Catch the video guide below, or follow the created step-by-step overview to assist your course create their own wonder the the world.

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1 hour 30 minutes


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Create as many tiers as you prefer (ours had five). Once you’re done, location each tier on peak of every other.

Your pyramid is beginning to take shape.

Step 4

Use your rules to flatten out any kind of bumps or unevenness in her pyramid.

Don’t worry about it being perfect. Offered the ease at i beg your pardon the clay have the right to be manipulated, you’re i can not qualify to do it certain symmetrical.

Step 5

Using a handmade knife, make little incisions right into the clay. We separated every incision by about 2cms. These represent the stones that comprise your pyramid.

Once you’ve gone every the means around each tier, leave the clay come dry for 24-48 hours.

Step 6

Once the clay is hard and also isn’t manipulated as soon as you use pressure to it, it’s all set to paint.

Grab part gold paint and also apply the to her pyramid. You can want to give it two layers for a nice, deep gold colour.

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Leave it to dry.


Step 7

Your pyramid is complete!

As an included extra, you can stick her pyramid to a item of cardboard, which us painted yellow to emulate the desert. 

For one extra great of authenticity, scatter some sand over your pyramid and glue that down

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