Most that youngsters this days love to develop funny videos and also upload them on social media platforms. If girlfriend are also thinking to perform the same and also entertain your friends but are not conscious of the software tools that can assist you in video clip speedup or slow-moving down procedure then spend a tiny time to review the information below. It is much less complicated to include time-lapse or slow motion to videos in order to make them funny v Vegas pro as it offers easy speed adjustment features. All that you should do is explained by three techniques as discussed below.

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Vegas pro is well known as a professional video editing tool and it a costly solution for beginners together you should pay $599.00 for obtaining its complete access. Other than this you have the right to use las vegas Pro only on windows platform for this reason if friend are searching for a cost effective solution that deserve to work top top Windows as well as Mac then it is an excellent to walk for . It is rated as among the most powerful and basic to use video clip editing software program tool and users can easily download the trial version from main website the


You can check our in-depth step-by-step tutorial about how to do a quick Motion & Slow activity Videos through right here >>.

3 means to speed up/slow down a video clip in Sony (Magix) vegas Pro:

Method 1: set the PlayBack frame Rate

It is just one of the simplest tricks to make a funny video clip clip. You merely need to set the playback price for frame and also soon that will show up with exciting format.

Open your video clip on las vegas pro and then right click it, go to nature from drop under menu and also the struggle Playback option. Below you can edit frame playback rate as per need yet note that the software permits you to rate it increase by 4 times and also slow it down by 0.25x.


Method 2: Velocity Adjustment because that selected parts of video

If you wish to access the velocity adjustment alternative then simply right click on the video clip that you wish to edit and also then select Insert/Remove Envelop choice from drop down menu. Indigenous next food selection you have actually to pick Velocity option.


And shortly you will uncover a green line over selected video clip clip that represents velocity.


If you desire to change velocity for whole clip then traction your envelop upside because that increment in speed and also drag it under for disc its speed. If you drag it come zero worth then clip will automatically get freeze and also a an unfavorable value that velocity will run frames in turning back order.

For those who wish to edit certain portions that video, dual click on video clip timeline for generating anchor points and speed up or slow down videos as necessary from different parts that video.


Users can also take services from fade mode that appears with right click on any point.


Note that: when we sluggish down or rate up any video with velocity setups then size of clip gets differed automatically and in order to protect against looping you need to readjust it manually. As soon as you traction the velocity envelop then usage Ctrl an essential to move all setups with well adjustments.

Method 3: traction Trim Stretch

Here is a fast procedure for executing an approach 1 whereby you require to hold the Ctrl vital while dragging any end the your video for speeding it increase or slowly it down as per need. In order to verify changes used by you, choose to usage properties and also check the playback rate changes over there.


Note that: users can likewise stack every these methods for creating unique effects. For example, you are totally free to speed up any video 4 times and also then change the velocity envelop come 200% for one more 2x rate up. The will finish up with 8 times speed up. As soon as you have actually made every the compelled adjustments then conserve your project document and begin editing an additional one in comparable manner.

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Above room the steps of how to speed up or sluggish down video with las vegas Pro, expect it help you come making a slow movement or quick forward video with it easily. In instance that friend are in search of an different which has similarity features with las vegas Pro however has a contemporary user interface and also most importantly, affordable price, us recommend girlfriend to shot The video clip tutorial listed below will display you just how to modify a video in action by step. So, don’t miss out on it.