Hit indigenous Dragon ball Super is playable in Dragon round Xenoverse 2, yet you have to unlock him first. Here’s just how you can attain him as a playable character.

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Bandai Namco Europe in reality posted just how you can gain Hit in Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 via Twitter. Lock said: “You can obtain Hit by do a wish v the Dragon Balls ;) an excellent luck!”

In stimulate to obtain Dragon Balls, you have to complete parallel quests they said. You may need to do many parallel searches in bespeak to discover all 7 of the Dragon Balls.

According to YouTube user, MrGiveYourGirlBack, parallel quest number 4 is the easiest method you can gain Dragon Balls in the game. Once you get all seven of them, you have the right to make her wish.

In order come summon Shenron, you want to relocate to the center of the map. Simply fly there and go come a ar that claims “Dragon ball Pedestal”. An animation will follow through Shenron summoned.

After that, you have several options. In order to do Hit playable, you desire to choose the alternative that says “I want much more usable characters” ~ you pick that option, hit from Dragon ball Super must now it is in playable because that you in Dragon ball Xenoverse 2.

- This write-up was updated on April 17th, 2017

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