This step by step tutorial describes how to draw a handshake. The noted tips and also examples can be offered for illustration in the anime, manga, comic book or timeless art styles.

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Handshake illustration step by step

Drawing a handshake have the right to be challenging because components of both hand are hidden behind one another and also because even individual hands are not basic to draw. To help this tutorial supplies a detailed break down of the drawing process with an explanation for each step.

Also as currently mentioned these examples can be applied to drawing hands in just about any style. Therefore if you’ve come below looking to just learn to attract hands and also don’t care much because that anime all of the illustration tips will certainly still be simply as beneficial for you.

If you carry out like to draw in the anime and manga format then you are definitely in the appropriate place and also should also check out the rest of the tutorials here on

Before You start Drawing the Handshake

Before you draw a handshake it’s good to have actually an knowledge of the pose each hand absorbs a handshake. You have the right to see this in the instances below.

Handshake former hand drawing

The drawing of the “front hand” that the handshake over is made together though the “back hand” is invisible.

Handshake front hand joints drawing

You can likewise see the turbulent placement of each of the joints that the foreground hand in this example. Being conscious of their placing can help you calculation the size of each component of the fingers as well as the thumb.

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Handshake ago hand drawing

And in this next example you have the right to see the drawing of the second hand as it would certainly look like if the first one to be invisible.

Handshake ago hand joints drawing

Again you can also see the approximated placement of the joints for this hand as well.

In this indict both hands room of equal dimension so you have the right to somewhat think of every one as the various other one flipped over. Every one of the joints and major parts will certainly be in around the exact same places. All of the proportions should likewise be pretty much the same.

Step 1 – make a building and construction Drawing that Both Hands

Handshake construction drawing

To start the actual drawing procedure make a lay out of each of the hands together though the other one is transparent. Because that this action simply attract the fingers together one merged shape and also leave out every one of the smaller details. Also be certain to draw really light lines that you can easily erase until the last action of the tutorial.

The score of this step is come make certain you have the correct proportions and placement for each hand. Illustration the covert sections will also assist you insure the the various parts that the hand are effectively aligned through one another. You may need come erase and also redraw things number of times come get every little thing to look right.

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Step 2 – Clean increase the see Through construction Lines

Handshake drawing hand shapes

Once you believe you have the exactly placement and proportions erase the parts of every hand that have to be concealed behind the various other hand.

After you are done girlfriend should have actually a relatively clean and basic construction drawing of the handshake.

Step 3 – draw the individual Fingers

Handshake drawing fingers

Inside the construction drawing “framework” indigenous the vault step attract the individual finger.

Please note that the examples are do so the the finger fit almost perfectly right into the framework. In your drawing you may uncover that you must tweak the length of some of the fingers to go exterior the building and construction lines. This is absolutely fine.

Step 4 – draw the smaller Details of each Hand & finish the Handshake Drawing

Handshake drawing

For this step you can add the smaller details that the hands such together the fingernails and wrinkles. Attract some hints of the bones about the base of the fingers on the front hand as well.

You have the right to also include some curves approximately the finger joints the the foreground hand where they bend to wrap roughly the elevator hand. These will assist show the bends.

In anime, manga and comic publication style hand the fingernails might not be attracted at all. Drawing the fingernails does however make the hand look much better and deserve to also assist show the edge of the bend of each finger. For example you have the right to see the the fingernail on the table of contents finger is drawn much narrower then the rest. This helps show that it’s pointing an ext towards the viewer rather of more towards the side favor the other fingers.

When you finish including all the the details go over your illustration with darker lines. You deserve to make the lines slightly thicker for the bigger parts that the hand and thinner for the smaller details.

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A handshake and also hands in basic are quite an overwhelming to draw. If girlfriend really want to practice drawing handshakes shot and attract each one individually in the handshake position as despite the various other one is invisible (as displayed in earlier examples). Doing so have the right to really aid you get a far better understanding that the attitude of every hand and can help you prevent mistakes when illustration the 2 hands combined.