Why One item Waited So lengthy To describe Luffy’s challenge Scar In the anime adaptation that Eiichiro Oda"s One Piece, the scar ~ above Monkey D. Luffy"s confront isn"t defined until far later - and also for great reason.

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Luffy in One Piece
Why doesn"t the One Piece anime expose the cause of Monkey D. Luffy"s famous facial scar? produced by legend mangaka Eiichiro Oda, One Piece collection sail in 1997. End one thousand chapters and also 980-or-so episodes later, the franchise is tho going strong, together Monkey D. Luffy"s Straw hat crew continue their search for Gol D. Roger"s fabled treasure and also the mythical island Raftel (or, indeed, Laugh Tale). As One Piece fans of any kind of experience level will certainly know, Luffy is an impulsive sort, even for a Shonen run protagonist. He"s the form to jump right into battles headfirst, litter his friends turn off cliffs, and poison himself just to prove a point.

It"s hardly surprising the Luffy has actually a couple of battle wounds then. The large X-shaped mark on his chest was included following One Piece"s two-year time skip - a lingering gift indigenous Akainu in ~ the battle of Marineford (though some keep the wound to be inflicted throughout a filler episode) - and also Luffy has a curious resistance to toxicity after his noxious fight with Magellan at Impel Down. Yet Luffy"s most prominent scar is undoubtedly the tiny curved cut beneath his eye, present from the an extremely beginning of One Piece.

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For anime-only fans, the cause of this scar may it is in a finish mystery. One Piece initially neglected come show how Luffy pertained to have the note upon his face, leaving viewers to i think it was merely the result of a childhood misadventure. Manga readers, however, will certainly know exactly how Luffy"s cheek got blemished. In One Piece"s very an initial chapter, a young Monkey D. Luffy is make the efforts to convince Red-Haired Shanks to expropriate him together a crew mate, with the then two-armed captain just laughing in ~ this child"s desires of piracy. To prove his commitment and toughness, Luffy take away a knife and also stabs himself best under the eye, leaving Shanks" crew horrified. Luffy is spot up, everyone drinks to his cavalier perspective and, not lengthy after, the future "fifth Yonko" eats the Gomu-Gomu evil one Fruit.

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Luffy in One Piece
In the anime, however, One Piece illustration 1 begins in the present day, through Luffy rescuing Koby from angry pirates and also encountering his an initial mate, Roronoa Zoro. The Shanks flashbacks don"t begin until episode 4, and also they skip over the whole face-stabbing incident entirely. Why? Probably because a son shoving a knife right into their eye isn"t the finest image come be putting out in an anime. Japanese computer animation is well known for being more relaxed in that is content contrasted to cartoons in the west, v Sanji puffing away on cigarettes and plenty of blood spilled during fight scenes. Also so, a son knifing us in the face during episode 1 is just a lawsuit wait to happen, together the younger finish of One Piece"s broad audience raid your kitchens to discover a means to "prove their toughness."

If this is the case, why was the scene contained in the One Piece manga? Traditionally, comics in Japan are even much more lenient than anime when it concerns violent or maturation content. Fortunately, the One Piece anime comprised for the dropped scene - albeit only after Eiichiro Oda"s franchise had currently established itself together an market staple. In 2012, the Episode of Luffy distinct was exit to coincide with One item Film: Z, separate from the key anime. This feature-length computer animation retold Luffy"s origin story, this time including the eye-stab, which had gone untold on-screen because that so long. The scene would be consisted of in later flashback sequences, however only much more recent offerings, such as illustration 878 in 2019.