Season 2, illustration 1 much Coronado about Nothing

Tired that snow-filled winters in Calgary, Tara and Paul room leaving Canada because that a beachy way of living in Coronado, Panama. Eager to begin a new business, they desire to change their brand-new home right into a bed and also breakfast v swimming pool. Under a chop budget and schedule, they space at the mercy the the Panamanian rain season which proves to it is in a actual challenge. Can they acquire their home and business up and also running prior to their time and funds operation dry?

Season 2, illustration 2 Oslo have the right to You walk

Only 6 months into their relationship, Grant and also Sara are all set to take it a leap of faith and also buy a new home together. Confident that he can undertake any kind of renovation challenge, give opts to manage the construction and design himself v the assist of his girlfriend, Sara. It"s not an easy task, and also such a big project is a risky relocate for this new couple. Together, they transform this quirky one bedroom right into a stunning personalized house where castle can start a new future.

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Season 2, episode 3 London Calling because that a victor Renovation

After years of splitting time in between Madrid and also London, Richard is all set to resolve down in England. With desires of restoring a Victorian layout fixer-upper, a an overwhelming house hunt is just a prelude to hardships come come, as Richard conveniently discovers the 19th Century charm comes through 19th Century problems. From mold come rot come woodworm, virtually everything that can go dorn does. Can Richard--and his budget—adapt and also persevere to emerge from the renovation with a Victorian home fit for a king?

Season 2, episode 4 The Mighty Quintana Roo

With their youngsters grown up and also retirement around the corner, Damian and also Kristin are all set to do the relocate from wintry Connecticut come Quintana Roo, Mexico. After purchasing a new two bedroom home, they have to oversee its remodeling from afar. Deserve to they to trust a neighborhood crew to keep things top top schedule and also under control? hopefully this move for a relaxing lifestyle does not carry Damian and Kristin more stress in the long run.

Season 2, episode 5 A Storm top top the Sunshine coast

With your daughter graduated and also moved out, Rick and Susan are ready to leaving Canada"s cold winters for a go back to Rick"s homeland of Australia. Hoping to reap a life of recreation in the area"s year-round beautiful weather, they easily learn obtaining this score won"t it is in a breeze. Discovering they"ll it is in doing lot of the renovations us to fit into budget, Rick and also Susan do not agree for most of the residence hunt, suggesting over how much occupational they deserve to handle. As soon as they lastly make a decision and also start the renovation, problems and fatigue quickly set in. Lock quickly uncover themselves tired, bickering and also over-budget. It"s not simply the residence that"s in ~ stake—this renovation could rip apart their marriage.

Season 2, episode 6 one Amsterdam Adventure

After meeting in Capetown, south Africa eleven year ago, Cobus and Jaco have been inseparable ever before since. Now, they"ve made decision to follow your longtime dream of an active lifestyle biking and also walking together Amsterdam"s well known canals. But with Cobus being a "head in the clouds" idealist whilst Jaco is a pragmatist v a to crawl eye on the budget, castle clash from the onset. Through a different mortgage in addition to the new renovation project, Jaco knows they have small room for error and also delay. As the renovation gets underway, however, the combination of expensive unforeseen problems and Cobus" extravagant desires are steering Jaco, and his budget, crazy—and intimidates to leaving them out of money through an unfinished house.

Season 2, illustration 7 Come Sail away

Retirees Rik and also Aleid met online six years back and haven"t looked back. After spending the last three years cruising the Mediterranean and also Black Seas on your 44" sail boat, they"ve made decision to return to Amsterdam to be closer come their 2 grandchildren. But they"re not all set to provide up your sea legs just yet, opting because that a houseboat. Through Amsterdam"s houseboat inventory gift limited, and often really old, they understand they"ll be purchasing a fixer-upper. Even knowing this, however, does no prepare them for the unique obstacles that companion renovating a houseboat—and as the troubles pile up, they threaten come sink the whole project.

Season 2, episode 8 Barcelona Dreams, renovation Nightmare

an Franciscan"s David and Amber have always dreamed the a vacation house in Barcelona, Spain, to offer as your launching point for experimenting Europe. The time is right, yet David is can not to action away native work, so, v the help of friends, Amber sets the end to find and renovate the perfect home without him. Through the added pressure of not wanting to disappoint David, it"s a race to find and renovate their Barcelona dream home before he come in 10 weeks. Yet the remodeling stumbles the end of the blocks, with countless unanticipated missteps threaten Amber"s cherished vintage Catalon features, she budget and also her overall vision. With the clock ticking on David"s arrival, have the right to she stole her resolve and also push through to the complete line?

Season 2, episode 9 A residence of treasures in Languedoc-Roussillon

After surviving too many cold Maine winters, David and also Carolyn are prepared to go back to their honeymoon website in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. Entranced by the wine, beach and charm of the southern of France, this pair is prepared to renovate a huge home for their future together. Together with a trove of prizes left from the ahead owners, castle discover many a remodeling hiccup along the way.

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Season 2, episode 10 A Scandiwork task in Sodermanland ar

With four children and also a little apartment in Stockholm, Charlie and Becca space on the find for a country home in Sodermanland, Sweden because that the entirety family. They discover a large home with much more than enough room for the children, but much more than a couple of renovations to be made. Constantly one because that a DIY project, Charlie tackles the work himself and runs right into several unexpected accidents along the way. Will this home be a resource of relaxation because that this family, or too countless headaches come handle?

Season 2, episode 11 Perturbed in Paris

After years of visiting and falling in love v Paris, Daryl and Angie are finally taking the plunge and also purchasing your Paris dream home. However while they share a love that the City of Lights, castle don"t share comparable tastes. Through Daryl wanting old Bohemian charm and also Angie advertise for modern-day and airy, castle clash indigenous the begin of your search. After finally picking a house, lock entrust a local contractor come oversee the renovations when they resolve business matters in the united States. A series of unexpected concerns mar the renovation, but the biggest difficulty comes in attempting come reconcile your vastly various styles.

Season 2, episode 12 Racing versus the remodeling Clock

Peter and also Catarina relocated to Figueira de Foz, Portugal for a new pace that life near the beach, and to open up up a café through Catarina"s parents. The lease top top their short-term rental is about to end, and they require to discover a permanent home. V such a liven schedule, the pair finds it impossible to manage both a business and a complete scale renovation on their new home. Will they have the ability to complete your project prior to their lease ends and they are required to move in v Catarina"s parents?

Season 2, episode 13 Cuenca call

Hoping to spend more family time with their 2 daughters, Craig and Illiana have dreams of an income developing home in the low-cost city of Cuenca, Ecuador, the will enable them come retire at very early age. In spite of having never visited Ecuador, they take it the plunge and travel to south America v their savings on the line. After ~ deciding between three unique Cuencan historical properties, that doesn"t take lengthy for your renovation come veer out of their control. Native local building customs, come mud and also straw wall surfaces to human remains on the property, the troubles pile up and the renovation follow me on and on through no finish in sight. Execute Craig and Illiana have the time and money to achieve their dream the a family members focused life, or will certainly this strange remodeling turn right into a nightmare?