"That present is no a show that i would want to it is in on to start with," matriarch June says of the Comedy central series.

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Here comes Honey Boo Boo has actually inspired countless spoofs, but its stars aren’t necessarily laughing.

In particular, “Mama” June Thompson — the matriarch the the self-proclaimed redneck household that stars on the TLC fact hit — takes concern with South Park’s recent episode title “Raising the Bar,” in which honey Boo Boo it s okay a love transplant after eat too lot “‘sketti and also butter.”

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She goes come a pig farm yard to pick a pig heart that’s got sufficient pizzazz to it is in in a pageant to “work it through her.” as soon as the farmer lifts up the hog she chooses at first, honey Boo Boo changes her mind and shouts, “No, wait! the pig end there provided me the angry eye! I want that one! I desire that one!”

But June isn’t laughing.

“Some the are kind of funny, but South Park — me gift a large person, i didn’t take offense,” she said TMZ of the Comedy main show.

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But, she added: “That show is no a display that i would want to be on to begin with, and the previews looked favor it would be OK, however just the means they illustrated the show, it was kinda trashy.”

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As viewers that Honey Boo Boo know, the Thompson family members — self-proclaimed rednecks — bought beauty, beauty pageant contestant Alana (aka “Honey Boo Boo”) a pet pig come cheer her up ~ she lost a pageant. ~ Alana named him Glitzy, she had actually a feeling exchange through her sister, Lauryn (aka “Pumpkin”):

“That’s a girl name, Glitzy,” Alana declares. “We’re gonna do it a girl pig, therefore he’s gonna be a little gay.” once her sister Pumpkin replies that “it’s not gonna be gay,” Alana says, “Yes that is, ’cause we’re making it a girl pig, and it’s in reality a young pig.” once Pumpkin protests again that the pig won’t it is in gay, Alana says: “It can if it desires to. You can’t tell that pig what come do.”

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But, alas, the pig turned the end to it is in too lot trouble — in ~ one point, he went No. 2 ~ above the kitchen table — therefore the family members returned him to his breeder, presumably v all organs intact.