In Sekiro: Shadows die Twice you will certainly be offered a an option in the game at which point you will adjust the game completely. Whatever you endure in the game after this selection will it is in different. Upon collecting the 3 pieces because that the Incense you will certainly be given the an option by your father to “Obey the steel Code, forsake Kuro” or “Break the iron Code, continue to be loyal come Kuro.” This overview will describe what happens depending on which one friend choose.

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Forsake or remain loyal come Kuro


When you shot to return to Ashina castle to speak v Kuro after you’ve obtained the final piece that the Fountainhead Incense friend will notice that quick travel is turn off. The closest friend can gain to Kuro is come head to the abandoned Dungeon. You will must travel increase the roofs to the spot where you once fought Genichiro. There you will uncover the Owl and Kuro. The owl is her father and he renders it clear the he wants you to betray Kuro and urges girlfriend to obey the iron Code.

If you choose to forsake Kuro in ~ this suggest there is a story sequence the you will certainly see and then you will certainly fight two distinct boss fights. This is efficiently the finish of the game and once this fights are complete you will be relocated into new Game +.

There is tho a lot more to Sekiro Shadows dice Twice. If you want to view the true ending you will certainly not betray Kuro and also you will continue on your mission. We won’t spoil precisely what happens from here, but there is an ext game come play therefore you may not desire to betray Kuro and cut the game short. That course, you deserve to see both sides of the story in brand-new Game +.

You will certainly be forced into a boss fight with the Owl (your father) if you choose to remain loyal come Kuro. There is no return native this decision as soon as it is made.

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