It doesn't appear in any kind of feeds, and anyone with a direct connect to it will see a article like this one.

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Are you acquainted with the project command? That's basically enabling you to selectively copy/paste certain geometry native one surface/sketch to a new sketch.

Thanks. Ns think I recognize what you're talking about. Developing a new sketch native one face of one extruded geometry is super an effective but climate the form coming native this confront is locked.

I understand that it's locked due to the fact that otherwise there can be two various sketches affect the exact same face.. However, I require to edit the sketch after I duplicated it.

Basically.. I miss out on the more traditional "copy, paste, do every little thing you want" approach.

This doesn't bring that sketch right into other files though, not sure if blend has that ability yet, though if it have the right to do a derrived model then that likey can bring sketches and other things from one document to another

haha thanks.. I'll examine it out.

Lars is good and all however I uncover myself in the instance you describe means too often.. The advantageous info is surprise somewhere in one of those 30minutes long video.

Ok just discovered a direct method to carry out what girlfriend want:

Basically do a new component in your architecture where girlfriend made your sketch, then drag the sketch into that component then copy the component to the brand-new design file

Ahh thanks.. And also now if just I can copy and also paste materials without creating attached copies, the would settle both my issues.

Of food there's always a means to obtain things done when you know the software program well enough yet I'm simply a little bit surprised that something as basic and an effective as copy/paste can be therefore tricky.

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I to be pretty sure you have the right to copy paste in between files. You execute both while editing the sketch. Choose all/copy. When pasting, choose the beginning on the empty sketch to make the paste option show up ~ above the right click menu.



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