The Fortnite Season 9 mainly 4 difficulties are currently live, and so part players may be wonder if over there is a secret battle star to collect after completing all of them.

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does fortnite season 9 week 4 have actually a an enig battle star?
Fortnite"s Season 9 week 4 obstacles are now live, tasking players with finding a holographic tomato head and also more. Similar to past mainly in Fortnite, completing every one of the challenges will unlock a loading screen, through fans commonly expecting come find clues in the loading screen that will certainly lead them to a an enig battle star or hidden banner. Unfortunately, that"s not the situation for Season 9 week 4.

over there is no Fortnite Season 9 mainly 4 secret battle star to speak of, and also there isn"t a hidden banner to discover either. Like Season 9 mainly 2, the loading display instead sends Fortnite football player to a Fortbyte, i beg your pardon is a new form of collectible the was introduced as component of Season 9. This details Fortbyte is Fortbyte #91, and it have the right to be discovered at one ATM device outside of the arcade in sky Palms. However, over there is a record to it.

Fortbyte #91 hasn"t in reality unlocked in Fortnite yet at the moment of this writing, an interpretation that even those who complete all of the Season 9 week 4 obstacles will be can not to collect it at this time. It"s unclear if this is as result of a bug or if players are expected to wait for Fortbyte #91 come unlock later on. This means that not just is over there no Season 9 week 4 an enig battle star, however even those who control to complete all of the Season 9 week 4 obstacles will be can not to collect Fortbyte #91.

part fans might be disappointed that Fortnite didn"t bring back the concealed banners to uncover for Season 9 main 4, but others may be enjoying the Fortbytes and also the mystery behind them. However, it"s for sure to speak that most fans definitely prefer it once they can discover a secret battle star ~ completing all of the challenges for any given week, as that is one of the best way to level increase the battle pass and also unlock cosmetics.

based on the pattern developed so far, Fortnite Season 9 main 5 should have actually a secret battle star because that players come collect. Those difficulties will autumn on Thursday, June 6, so Fortnite football player disappointed at the lack of a Season 9 week 4 an enig battle star have that to look forward to in the comes week.

Fortnite is out now in early access for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.


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