Last week marked the very first week inFortnite"sfifth season wherein you couldn"t discover a hidden battle Starby solving all of the week"s challenges.

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When you resolved all the obstacles you"d still obtain a an enig loading screen, however there to be no hidden battle Star come be found in it. Unlike Season 4, however, there was a secret tucked far in the Tomato Temple-themed loading screen: A special Banner.

I wasn"t sure if epos would carry out this again in main 9, but they have. Once again, and also much harder come spot this time, there"s a Banner surprise in the loading display pictured above. If we"ve every been concentrated on the CUBE and what this (and following week"s) loading displays hint about it turning evil, if you look close enough you"ll point out a banner icon on the cliff wall surface beneath the bridge in the background.

Here that is:

You might recognize this as the bridge located just to the south-east of Shifty Shafts at the peak of quadrant E8.

Here the is ~ above the map:

Simply go to wherein the banner is in the loading display screen image and interact v the banner to achieve it. Voila, presto! girlfriend are currently one of the fewFortniteplayers to rock the banner. I won"t damn it what the looks like. Suffice to say, the CUBE has left that is mark.

I love that Epic is continuing to provide out unique goodies come intrepid football player willing to dedicate the time and energy to complete all these battle Pass challenges. The takes a lot of work to complete all these off, and also getting a distinct banner is almost better than leveling increase your fight Pass tier.

You have the right to read our Season 5, main 9 difficulty guide here.

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Check the end previous weeks" hidden battle Stars and Banners below:


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