FOO FIGHTERS: 2021 anniversary tour!

Alt-metal favourite Foo Fighters space heading earlier on the road in 2021 together they celebrate your 25th anniversary. The Van tourism will watch them monitor the same itinerary together they did ago in 1995 on the release of their debut album! founded as a solo task by ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl in the months complying with the fatality of kurt Cobain, the Foo"s have actually risen to become one the the world"s best bands and cemented Grohl"s status as the nicest guy in rock.

Enduring with the sheer toughness of their earlier catalog, coupled with sheer hard work recording innovative brand-new albums (such as Wasting irradiate ) and also long touring sprees, that is no wonder the they controlled to to escape the at an early stage 2000s purge the alt-rock bands the shone bright but charred out fast.

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Performance date: 21 July 2018


You might be compelled to have had a COVID vaccine in order to to visit this performance or show proof the a an unfavorable test. Please contact the venue directly for much more information on this.

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Angela Kerton: “Great show”

The present was amazing as usual...I have seen castle 2 time now and will buy... More

Steph Haapala : “Absolutely Incredible”

My husband and also I have been Dave Grohl fans due to the fact that the Nirvana days. To see... More


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