This game was released on might 19, 2017 and is no longer obtainable to pre-order. Any incentives the were available are detailed below.

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Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows the Valentia is a tactical RPG by Japanese developer smart Systems. The game is collection in the continent of Valentia, whereby a war in between the countries of Rigel and Zofia has actually erupted. Players will lead their militaries as protagonists Alm and also Celica to bring peace back to the war-torn lands.

Five future DLC packs have currently been announced for the game. Players might purchase a Season happen for $44.99 and also save 30% as compared to buying every item individually, according to Nintendo. The payment DLC are, in bespeak of relax date: Fledgling Warriors (two new maps and a dungeon), Undaunted Heroes (another two maps and also a dungeon), Lost Altars (dungeons and also exclusive class changes), Rise of the Deliverance (prequel pack of 4 maps), and a fifth, as-of-yet-undetailed content pack.

Pre-order Bonus


Purchasing Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows the Valentia in addition to any DLC pack at GameStop grants you a “Warring Gods” collectible chrome print shown above. While placing a pre-order is technically not required, the retailer go state that the quantities of this item room “extremely limited”.

Limited Edition


The $59.99 limited Edition comes with the video game plus the following:

A Hardcover Valentia ArtbookSound selection CDPin collection depicting personalities Alm, Celica and also MarthReversible cover sheet that looks favor the packaging for the initial Famicom video game this one is based on

The game will launch for the Nintendo 3DS device on might 19th internationally.

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