Although castle may have lost a member once Camila Cabello chose to leave the team in December, 5th Harmony fight the phase of the 2017 People’s selection Awards ~ above Wednesday to display the people that they room a joined powerhouse.

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The staying members that the group, Lauren Jaguregui, Norman Kordei, Dinah woman Hansen and also Ally Brooke Hernandez,performed their hit track “Work native Home”during the CBS award show.Cabello sings the first verse the the song, however, the ladies readjusted things about for their an initial performance without her.

Rather than singing the initial lyrics, “I ain’t concerned ‘bout nothin’ i ain’t wearin’ na nada,” they readjusted the text to “We ain’t worried ‘bout nothin’, we ain’t worried ‘bout nada.”

Jaguregui finished up the rest of Cabello’sverse and the ladies ongoing on with the song, each singing your individual parts.

Following your performance, the group won favorite group, making that their second year in a heat picking increase the award. One of the notable moments of their acceptance speech was when Jaguregui had actually her revolve to speak.

“We desire to say thanks to our families, our team, ours team, our team, our team! They are some remarkable people. Say thanks to you anyone who’s sustained us, we love you. Thank you!” the singer said. “So lot to come, stay tuned!”

Hansen revealed the Jauregui was in reality sick throughout the mainly including throughout their performance on the PCA stage. The singer common a photo of herself and also her sick group member ~ above Instagram. “Proud of infant girl here. She hasn’t been feeling well this week, but we can not tell in ~ all through all that sauce she served tonight on stage. Acquired u constantly L,” she captioned the picture.

Only time will tell what is next for fifth Harmony yet considering the hopeful reactions they obtained from their performance, it appears like an excellent things space on the horizon because that the girl group.

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