An digital ____ is an application you use to carry out numeric calculations and to analyze and present numeric data.

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In Excel, the digital spreadsheet you occupational in is called a worksheet
In Excel, a worksheet is had in a paper called a ____. workbook
You have the right to use predesigned, formatted records called ____ come create brand-new worksheets quickly templates
You deserve to use a spreadsheet come ____ by making use of variable values to investigate and sample various outcomes. create what-if data scenarios
____ listed below the worksheet grid permit you move from sheet to paper in a workbook. sheet tabs
You can use ____ to move about in a paper that is too large to right on the display screen at once. scroll bars
All Excel formulas start with the ____. equal authorize (=)
The Excel operator for exponent is ____. carat (^)
The Excel operator for department is ____. front cut (/)
A(n) ____ is an entrance in a cell that contain text such as “2011 Sales” or “Travel Expenses.” label
A(n) ____ is a built-in formula that uses debates to calculation information. function
Excel establish an entry as a worth if the is a number or it begins with ____. +, $, =
You have the right to use the ____ key(s) on the key-board to navigate a worksheet. arrow
To easily jump come the first cell in a worksheet press ____. CTRL Home
To relocate one display screen to the left press ____. Alt page Up
To conveniently jump to the critical cell in a worksheet push _____. CTRL END
In a worksheet, the ____ is called the formula prefix equal sign (=)
____ operators execute mathematical calculations together as including and subtracting. Arithmetic
Possible paper orientations for printing a worksheet room landscape and also ____. portrait
The ____ choice helps fit the data on a single page there is no making changes to individual margins Scale to Fit
You deserve to use the ______________ slider on the standing bar to enlarge your view of details areas of her worksheet. Zoom
The drown button allows you to reverse approximately _________ vault actions, one at a time. 100
Any time you use a worksheet to ask the inquiry “what if?” you space performing ____________________ analysis. What if
The cabinet in which you space working is called the ____________________ cell. active
A(n) ____________________ is an equation in a worksheet.

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Clicking the ____________________ button sums the adjacent variety above or to the left. sum
A dark rectangle that outlines the cell in i m sorry you space working cell pointer
Provides a short description of the energetic command or task in progress status bar
Identified by the works with of the intersecting column and also row cell address
Displays the active cell address Name box
Work done in a digital environment cloud computing