20 GRAMS of PLANT-BASED PROTEIN sourced indigenous peas, a delicious and an ext sustainable source of protein.

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NON-GMO job VERIFIED and also made without fabricated flavors or sweeteners and also with no colour from artificial sources.​
GOOD source OF calcium, iron, vitamin B12 and also zinc, which are crucial part of any type of diet, and also are specifically important because that those whose diets are light in, or lack, meat, eggs and dairy.​
EVOLVE’S COMMITMENT to THE the end starts with our protein resource - peas. Cultivation peas help to construct healthy soil by returning much needed nitrogen earlier into the ground. Healthy soil builds better resilience come pests, erosion, disease, and extreme weather, make pea protein an ext sustainable for the planet.​
PROUD national PARKS structure PARTNER, help to protect and also ensure access to the outdoors because that everyone.​
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Great taste meets the great outdoors with Evolve Plant-Based Protein. With 20g of plant-based, vegetables pea protein in every serving, Non-GMO job Verified ingredients, no artificial sweeteners or flavors, and also no colour from fabricated sources, the only hard part is picking which smell to try first. And at Evolve, we believe that the exterior brings the end our ideal side. That’s why we’ve partnered v the nationwide Parks structure to aid protect the the end for everyone and help ensure access for every people, so they can find their own link to the outdoors. It’s likewise the incentive behind every one of our packaging.

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