Those that wish to enter the Gungeon will find it far much easier to decent into its depths with these energetic items in their inventories.

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Enter The Gungeon Pac-Man, big Boy, Orange
Enter the Gungeon is a roguelike video clip game that has been released top top PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. In the game, the player controls one of 4 adventurers as they enter the — that"s best — Gungeon, trying to discover a time an equipment to go ago and kill their past self. The Gungeon chin is a dungeon that follows the template of guns and also other firearms.

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The player will get Items throughout your descent right into the Gungeon. They will find some in chests, pick them up together drops from bosses upon death, purchase them indigenous shops, or obtain them through NPCs. These items have the right to be either Passive, used like upgrades or equipment, or Active, provided like ability that need recharging.

10 The Meatbun

Enter The Gungeon Meatbun
"A delicious, freshly small roll! Sometimes, things simply work out."

Meatbun is an Active Item with the location of D-Tier and flavor text: "On A Roll." If the player provides the Meatbun, they will be cure a solitary heart. But an ext importantly, the player will certainly deal dual damage until they space hit. So, as long as the player keeps dodging, they will certainly be a powerhouse in the Gungeon. It might only be provided once.

Enter The Gungeon Decoy
"Most residents of the Gungeon room not the most intelligent the creatures and will fire top top anything the they do not recognize. This crude facsimile the a Gungeoneer will hold their fist for a time. Plenty of Gundead seems content to lock trespassers up in cells, despite their trigger-happy natures. What deep in the Gungeon, over there is probably a prison full of Decoys."

Decoy is an active Item v the rank of D-Tier and also flavor text: "Get Him!" If the player offers the Decoy, a dummy will be put that enemies will target. It will be ruined after taking enough damage. Also, they can usage the Decoy to odor people and also steal from shops.

Enter The Gungeon double Vision
"The favored brew of Two-Shot Erias. During her time in the Gungeon, she declared that drinking prior to a gunfight would double her performance in combat, but for noticeable reasons was not taken as well seriously. Maybe there to be some fact in she tales."

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double Vision is an energetic Item with the location of D-Tier and also flavor text: "One for Each the You." If the player offers the Double Vision, the quantity of bullets they fire is doubled for 10 seconds. Return the accuracy the the player"s bullets is reduced, the potential for damage output is tremendous.

Enter The Gungeon Singularity
"First pioneered by the Hegemony that Man during the Ten Days" War, the Portable Star Crusher was considered too attention for vast deployment."

Singularity is an active Item v the rank of C-Tier and flavor text: "Sucks." If the player offers the Singularity, a black color hole will spawn for eight secs that suck enemies, bullets, and items into it. The enemies will take it damage and the bullets will certainly be destroyed.

"Nuclear arms to be forbidden by the 3rd Interstellar Armistice, however as large sections of the Gungeon existed prior to that accord was signed, that is a bit of a grey area legally."

large Boy is an Active Item with the location of B-Tier and flavor text: "Set The civilization On Fire." If the player supplies the large Boy, a missile plummets under to the ground where the crosshair is pointed, bring about an explosion that inflicts 150 damages to enemies. It likewise clears every bullets in the radius and leaves behind a swimming pool of poisonous liquid. Additionally, those hit with the blast will transform right into Mutant bullet Kin.

"With this orange, her style... It"s impetuous. Your defense, impregnable."

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Orange is an active Item v the location of B-Tier and flavor text: "You"re no Alexander." If the player uses the Orange, they regain all their health and get a love container. It might only be offered once. While it may seem favor a simple, probably underwhelming Item, the Orange will conserve the player"s life in a tie (and possibly the whole run).

"A potent gun-enhancing drug from the far reaches of the galaxy. The is recognized to be extremely addictive, and extremely expensive."

Spice is an active Item with the rank of A-Tier and also flavor text: "A tantalizing cube of power." If the player uses the summer sprouts (the first time), they get a love container, 20 percent an ext speed, and 25 percent less shot spread. The second time that is used, the player gets a love container, opponent bullets room slowed under by 10 percent, and also firing speed goes up by 20 percent. The third time summer sprouts is used, lock lose a love container, enemy bullets room slowed under by 5 percent, their damages goes up by 20 percent. The 4th time it is used, the player loses a heart container, their damages goes increase by 15 percent, and also shot spread goes increase by 10 percent. The 5th (and final) time summer sprouts is used, they shed a heart container, their damage goes increase by 15 percent, and also shot spread out goes up by 10 percent.

The thing is, regardless of the tremendous bonuses, every time that is provided the player has a opportunity to be Cursed and have their items replaced with an ext Spice.

"It isn"t pretty, yet sometimes wondrous things can be completed with a role of tape. Just look at the Bundle of Wands, or the Magitek Hybrid!"

Duct ice cream is an active Item through the location of A-Tier and also flavor text: "Friend the Gunsmiths." If the player uses the Duct Tape, they can combine two that their guns into one. (Single-use, of course.) The second gun will fire the tasks of the very first gun, in addition to that own initial projectiles.

"Aged in an old arcade cabinet because that decades, this cheese has come to be something that a delicacy, however only to those with polished palates."

Partially-Eaten Cheese is an energetic Item with the location of A-Tier and also flavor text: "Aged virtually 40 Years." If the player offers the Partially-Eaten Cheese, they will become Pac-Man because that 10 seconds. When in Pac-Man mode, the player is invincible, gift able to fly and also instantly death any and also all opponents they touch (or, eat). On height of that, they can still shoot their gun. (Bosses take 30 damage instead of gift consumed entirely to death.)

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"The molecules in this rare piece of stone are naturally aligned together that all of their bullets challenge the very same direction."

Relodestone is an active Item with the location of S-Tier and flavor text: "Magunetic North." If the player provides the Relodestone, a node will be inserted on the ground the will lure bullets for 6 seconds and also convert them right into ammo. Also, reload time is halved while it is active. The finest use because that the Relodestone is throughout boss fights while firing catastrophic weapons.

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