A few months earlier I joined a new network the is especially geared towards Instagram and also Youtube. While ns love mine blog, sometimes I get a tiny overwhelmed when work is busier and my boy schedule is all over the place. The network is Octoly (for those curious) and it allows me to shot out new brands and do mini reviews or functions on mine Instagram account.

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Tonight’s testimonial is top top a product I obtained through Octoly and I made decision to do the mini Instagram feature and expand it into a regular post. That review is ~ above the E.L.F. Pink Kiss Tinted Lip Oil.

I’ve viewed a few different tinted lip oils over the critical 2 months and I actually gain them. I’m not really a gloss girl due to the fact that the tacky feeling of gloss bothers me a little. Tinted lip oil are typically really smooth, moisturizing and offer the shine of a gloss there is no the overly sticky feeling. The pigmentation is an extremely light. I uncover they room perfect for days you desire a note of color yet still stick to the barely over there look.

I tried E.L.F. Pink Kiss Tinted Lip Oil and also find it come pretty much be the perfect right there the shade on mine lips. Pink Kiss is a right there, sheer infant pink. V my lip pigmentation it nearly looks non existent.


The applicator is a doe foot applicator that curves in on one side because that a an extremely comfortable application. The precision tip enables you to stay in the lines and do thin coats, i m sorry is really all it is needed.


I go a swipe top top my arm to show the shade a bit better. With my lip pigmentation it barely shows up at all (which you’ll view in a moment)

E.L.F. Tinted lip oil add to a hint of shade to lips while creating a luminous shine for healthy looking lips. They space enriched through nourishing Jojoba, Apricot, and also Vitamin E come moisturize the lips. My lips feeling softer while the on, and also they don’t feel greasy or slippery. I don’t layer that on, I generally just execute 1 coat and I’m great to go.


As I stated earlier, with my lighter skin, this is the perfect “barely there” shade.

Yes, mine lips space wrinkly. I’m 35 and it’s just how they are.

E.L.F. Pink Kiss Tinted Lip Oil Overview

After trying out E.L.F. Pink Kiss Tinted Lip Oil, I liked it so lot I to buy Berry Kiss and also Coral Kiss. There are 5 complete colors available (I am missing Nude Kiss and Shimmer Red Kiss) and I can pick them all up eventually. Part days ns don’t want to bother through lipstick, yet I need a wash of shade on mine lips so ns don’t watch ill. For lighter job or errand running, E.L.F. Tinted Lip Oils room pretty lot perfect.

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Price: $6.00 Each

Where to Buy: E.L.F. Website

At $6.00 each, this is actually one of E.L.F.’s pricier solitary items. I don’t have actually an concern with the price tag, yet other brands are coming out with tinted lip oils together well, and I’m certain there room some the end there for less. Together of now, i’ve tried 3 various brands and this was in reality the least expensive of them. I have Too faced Oil Lip Gloss ($19) and Lancome Juicy Shaker Lip Oil ($22) and also they perform around the exact same as E.L.F. Tinted Lip Oil. Lancome and also Too challenged have a larger color variety available though.

So what are your thoughts? have you make the efforts tinted lip oils yet? I’d love to hear i beg your pardon ones and if friend think they room worth the in the comment below!