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Global superstar and also multi-GRAMMY winner Ed Sheeran has quickly developed himself as one of the world’s biggest musical artists with over 22 million albums sold. The british singer-songwriter kicked off the brand-new year by unveiling 2 singles – “Shape of You” and “Castle top top The Hill” - indigenous his simply released 3rd full size album “÷.” “Shape that You” debuted in ~ #1 with “Castle ~ above The Hill” complying with at #6 ~ above the Billboard hot 100, make Sheeran the an initial artist ever before in the chart’s 58 year history to have actually two singles all at once debut in the height 10. “Shape of You” has because held the height spot top top the warm 100 because that 5 weeks, and currently sits at #1 at top 40 radio, warm AC radio, iTunes “Overall Songs” chart, and also both Spotify’s worldwide and U.S. Top 50 charts. Likewise, Sheeran is the many streamed artist an international on Spotify. “Shape that You” and also “Castle ~ above The Hill” were freshly certified 2x-Platinum and also Gold respectively, coming to be the first 2 song released in 2017 to receive certifications indigenous the RIAA. Sheeran kicked off a high profile television blitz, performing both song on Saturday Night Live, then travelling cross-country overnight to take the phase at the 59th GRAMMY Awards less than 24 hours later.

“÷” is the follow as much as Sheeran’s 2014 album ‘x’ (pronounced multiply). After debuting in ~ #1 ~ above the Billboard 200 ~ above its release, the album has due to the fact that been certified 4x-Platinum in the US and earned 2 GRAMMY nominations, consisting of the prestigious “Album the The Year.” Additionally, “x” spawned 4 consecutive multi-platinum singles in “Sing,” “Don’t,” “Photograph,” and also his global smash and also biggest solitary to day “Thinking out Loud,” which significant his an initial #1 at peak 40 radio and also won a pair of GRAMMY awards, including highly coveted “Song that The Year.” one of the planet’s most popular live performers, Ed has played marketed out headline shows at some of the biggest venues around the world, including Gillette stadion in Foxborough, MA, Suncorp stadion in Sydney, and also at London’s Wembley stadium in front of 240,000 fans end 3 nights. Ed first broke v to the mainstream in 2012 through his debut album “+” (pronounced plus), which to be a optimal 5 debut in the US and also spent three weeks in ~ #1 in the UK. The 2x-Platinum “+” features “The A Team”, an global smash i beg your pardon earned Ed his an initial GRAMMY nomination (“Song that The Year”) and also has been certified 3x-Platinum in the US. Sheeran introduced his own imprint, Gingerbread male Records, in 2015, v the signing of fellow British singer songwriter Jamie Lawson – whose self-titled album debuted in ~ #1 in the UK – and Irish troubadour Foy Vance.

For more information visit EdSheeran.com.


Ticket limit 6. Tickets deserve to be purchased digital at Theivorycrimestory.com, the PNC Arena box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets, or by phone at 1.800.745.3000.

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