Lake Forest, CA (ivorycrimestory.com) for burrito lover who think there’s constantly room for more meat, Del Taco Restaurants, Inc. (NASDAQ: TACO), the nation’s 2nd leading mexico quick business restaurant,** has actually introduced the product that caters to the craving, the epos Triple Meat Burrito.

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Loaded through fresh grilled carne asada steak, new grilled chicken, crispy bacon, handmade pico de gallo, tangy guacamole and cool tart cream, wrapped together in a warm, overlapping flour tortilla, Del Taco’s new Epic Triple Meat burrito is now available at Del Taco’s much more than 560 restaurants nationwide. Because that a limited time, guest can likewise enjoy a cost-free medium drink v a purchase of any Epic Burrito through November 4, 2018.*

“We take meat seriously in ~ Del Taco, so once it concerns our new Epic Triple Meat Burrito, we’re no skimping on the an excellent stuff. Instead, we’re tripling it,” said Barry Westrum, Del Taco’s cook Marketing Officer. “This product delivers more meat than any type of other huge Mexican quick business restaurant’s premium burrito line. We’re proud to take it it come the next level by grilling our carne asada and marinated chicken ideal in our restaurants each and every day, ensuring that when it comes to delivering unparalleled flavor, we’re doing justice to the quality and also size that the burrito.”

Starting at $5*, various other Epic burio in the Del Taco heat up incorporate the epic Queso Chicken Burrito, epic Chipotle Chicken Avocado Burrito, epos Carne Asada Burrito, epos Grilled Chicken Avocado Burrito, epic Steak & Potato Burrito, epos Cali Steak & Guac Burrito and also Epic Shredded Beef Burrito.

*Price and also participation may vary by location. Limitations may apply. 

**By number of units

About Del Taco Restaurants, Inc.

Del Taco (NASDAQ: TACO) offers a unique variety of both Mexican and also American favorites such as burritos and also fries, prepared fresh in every restaurant’s working kitchen through the value and also convenience of a drive-thru. Del Taco’s food selection items taste much better because they space made with top quality ingredients choose fresh grilled chicken and also carne asada steak, hand-sliced avocado, hand-grated cheddar cheese, slow- cooked bean made native scratch, and also creamy Queso Blanco.

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The brand’s campaign, celebrating the Hardest working Hands in quick Food, further communicates Del Taco’s commitment come restaurant-level team members that administer guests v the best quality and also value for your money through cooking, chopping, shredding and also grilling menu items from scratch.Founded in 1964, this particular day Del Taco serves much more than 3 million guests each week in ~ its an ext than 560 restaurants throughout 14 states. For more information, visit www.deltaco.com.