Since it first premiered in 2011, The Voice has actually gone through plenty of changes. There have actually been a complete of 13 coaches, the addition of the Knockout Round, and also the development of the "Block" and "Save" buttons. However the newest breakthrough is the comeback coach — aka a 5th coach that mentors contestants the did not turn a chair in the remote auditions.

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Country singer Kelsea Ballerini served as the series’ first-ever comeback coach in Season 15, and also pop artist Bebe Rexha will take her location for Season 16.

The Brooklyn-born 29-year-old an initial found success as a songwriter in 2013, receiving credits because that the Eminem/Rihanna tune "The Monster," Selena Gomez’s "Like a Champion," and Iggy Azalea’s "Team."

She developed herself together a talented vocalist by being featured on monitor such as G-Eazy’s "Me, Myself & I," i m sorry she co-wrote, and David Guetta’s "Hey Mama." The blonde beauty beauty released her debut studio album, "Expectations," in June 2018, and her solitary with Florida Georgia Line, "Meant come Be," to be nominated in the best Country Duo/Group Performance classification at the 2019 Grammys. Bebe was additionally nominated because that Best new Artist, but lost to fellow pop star Dua Lipa.

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As because that the type of coach she’ll it is in on The Voice, the Teen an option Award winner admitted, "I was raised in new York City, for this reason I’m very blunt and I don’t have actually a filter, however I truly say points from my heart. Ns told among the contestants, 'I’m an extremely disappointed in your tune choice,' the 2nd they perfect singing, yet that’s exactly how I really felt… I’m only so ethical with them because I really want them come wow people."

But deciding which artist to reduced wasn't simple for the star. "It bums me out when I have to let a contestant go… but I call them that this is an incredible opportunity and also whether you do it or not, it’s not perform or die," Bebe shared. "I myself stood out in heat one time because that 10 hours with my mother and also auditioned because that a display like this and also didn’t also make it previous the producers. Not even on TV. Therefore you just never know."

The Comeback phase takes place after the Knockout Round and also can it is in watched on one of two people The Voice app, the show’s YouTube channel, Instagram TV, Facebook, Twitter, or


Contestants the fail to capture Adam, Blake, Kelly, or John’s attention throughout the remote auditions have actually a opportunity to end up being a member that Bebe’s six-person team. This phase of the competition consists of three rounds: the Battles, the Knockouts, and the Live immediate Save. 

In the battle Round, 6 contestants space whittled under to three and also the Knockouts eliminate another artist. The two staying singers then carry out live for America’s votes in an prompt Save, determining which contestant will certainly become part of the top 13. The winner gets to select which that the 4 main teams they’d like to join. 

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