Colton Haynes is diving into household life head first: The Arrow gibbs recently mutual that he was engaged to boyfriend Jeff Leatham.

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And this weekend, he adjusted his Instagram bio to check out “‘Uncle. Shortly to be father. Traveler. Actor. Goof.” He likewise posted a photo in a swim pool through the caption, “Covering that layer of pregnant while I deserve to

Haynes has reportedly been dating Leatham, a Hollywood florist, for only a month—so marriage and fatherhood seem kind of fast. But when it’s right, it’s right. And also Haynes has already proved an experienced gunkle come his gay brother’s kids.

Leatham proposed last week top top the coast in Los Cabos, Mexico, gaining Cher to record a video clip message that played prior to he gained down ~ above one knee. Haynes dubbed the romantic moment, “What movies space made of.”

jeffleatham & ns on ours engagement. The reality that therefore many world love love as lot as we carry out is truly inspiring and also I feel so humbled. Who woulda assumed that a lil ole kansas boy would satisfy a country boy indigenous Utah & embark top top journey the truly feels like one in the movies? i wish the exact same for everyone the end there. No matter who friend love…don't be afraid to love difficult :) #whatmoviesaremadeof #LoveWins ❤️?❤️???

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Haynes has actually been equally open about his battle with panic attacks and extreme anxiety:

“I’ve battered jobs due to the fact that of anxiety, flaked on social events, household gatherings, birthdays, important movie/work tests,” he shared in 2015. “It’s a major problem… It’s not a situation of ’being dramatic.’ that a life-long struggle…. Anxiety has caused me come be incredibly agoraphobic and also live in consistent fear of leaving my home at times.”

On the skilled front, Haynes will following be watched in Rough Night, co-starring Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon and also Zoe Kravitz.

watch the KILLER #RoughNightMovie minimal trailer now. View it in theatre June 16!!! i haven't laughed harder than I go filming this movie haha. Y'all room gonna love it!!! Thk u

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