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A mutation in i m sorry of the following proteins would impact the functionality of eukaryotic flagella?

I. Dynein

II. Kinesin

III. Myosin


Eukaryotic flagella are mostly composed that microtubules and also the engine protein dynein. Hydrolysis the ATP through dynein produces a sliding activity of the microtubule filaments that produces movement.

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Kinesin is a motor protein the associates with microtubules, yet it is not present in flagella. Myosin is a motor protein that associates v actin microfilaments. 


Cilia, microvilli, and also flagella are all protrusions from the cell body. Cilia and flagella have functions in cabinet motility and also contain organized systems of microtubules and also motor proteins. Microvilli are often used together mechanosensors and also are primarily made that cross-linked actin filaments. Microtubules are, therefore, discovered primarily in cilia and flagella, however no in microvilli.


Flagella space long, hair-like extensions of the plasma membrane. The motion of flagella propel part cells v fluid.

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Mitochondria room the site of the reactions of aerobic metabolism and also ATP synthesis. Centrioles covers microtubules in ~ the basic of cilia and also flagella, and also are connected in spindle cell formation throughout cell division. The cytoskeleton is a network that protein yarn in the cytoplasm that give shape come a cell and is typically involved in cabinet movement. A pilus is a hair-like projection located on the surface ar of particular bacteria and is generally used to connect a bacterium to an additional cell.

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