Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate—meaning the it doesn’t just plague women who space seemingly insecure, native working-class backgrounds or don’t feel good about us physically. All kinds of women can find themselves subjected to abusive partners. 

That’s why that super necessary that Christina Milian, a beautiful mrs by many standards, revealed throughout an episode of her truth show, Christina Milian turn Up, the she was as soon as in a very abusive relationship, E! digital reports.

“So ns was 17 going into 18 and I met a boy, and also he had this sarcasm around him the I just thought to be super funny,” Milian said. “But that sarcasm turned out to it is in something a little bit an ext dark, and also I had actually no idea what i was gaining myself into.”

Then the sarcasm took a revolve for the worse, and Millian uncovered herself looking down the barrel that a invited gun.

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“He literally placed a bullet in the gun and pointed it in ~ my face. Staring down the barrel that a pistol is the scariest thing you might ever experience. It’s no funny, it’s no for the movies. Yes a possibility of life or death in one click, it is it,” she explained.


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The abuse took ar in prior of others, too, Milian recounted. The pulled her hair and dragged she while she was at a gas station. 

“And all you can hope because that is that someone will conserve you,” she said. “But at the very same time, you nothing know exactly how to save yourself.”

Her mom obtained her a one-way ticket to new York as a opportunity to escape she boyfriend, and in retrospect, Milian credits that pilgrimage with saving her life. 

“I wake up up one day and realized the my family members was just trying to aid me,” she said. “And offered myself the courage and the strength to not call him and also invite him earlier into my life.”

Kudos come Milian because that sharing this experience, in wishes that other women who room going through similar experiences can see that there’s a great life on the other side of that ordeal. She it s okay my #WCW today.

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