I know age is a big factor however something speak me that Britney Spears might have gained plastic surgery too.

There is no method to tell, of course, uneven I destruction deeper.

Much deeper.

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Before and After Pictures

I’ll be concentrating my compare on a few key areas. This need to tell united state if there is something fishy around Britney’s appearance.

Did Britney Spears have a sleep job?


This can be it, guys.

Yes, i’m suspecting Britney of having a sleep job because her nasal bridge looks lot thinner 보다 her younger self. The tip additionally looks more defined and is pointier too.

Sure, she age and weight could have added to the slender sleep shape, but if friend ask me, ns still leaning in the direction of a “yes” here.

What around you?


Has she had actually botox injections?


I i will not ~ be surprised.

Britney plainly had part lines and wrinkles about her cheeks and also jawline. They it seems ~ to have actually faded freshly so she can be utilizing botox to treat those areas.

To be fair, the singer got some fat top top her face lately and also there is a thing called an Instagram filter too.

Did Britney acquire a boob job?


I’m going come say NO come this one.

We all know that Britney has actually a an excellent body and her breasts have actually never been considered little by any type of means.

In various other words, she doesn’t require a boob job and I doubt she’ll ever before get one.

What happened to she teeth?


Okay, ns seeing teeth gaps here.

Not sure as soon as this started yet it has definitely taken a toy fee on Britney’s trademark smile. She constantly had these beautiful directly teeth that gave her a gorgeous smile.

I assumption: v veneers will certainly be her best friend soon.

Final Thoughts

To me, Britney has always been a beautiful girl and also she still is.

While there were indications of cosmetics enhancements yet if the true, ns don’t think she has overdone it.

Honestly, i don’t think she demands to change a thing.

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