If you like to see couples discover their connection inside and outside that the boardroom, climate you’ll want to pick one of these office romance publications that room my absolute favorite.

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From the Boardroom come the Bedroom: The ideal Office romantic Books

I don’t know around you, however I choose my romance publications to have that little bit of undeniable stress and anxiety to the before any type of relationship starts in between the hero and also heroine.

Office romance books usually have actually this in spades!

Why? because you’re no “supposed to” fall in love v your boss or her employee or her coworker.

There’s commonly a no-dating i at suppliers for a reason, yet in these peak 10 office romantic books, any limiting HR i is thrown out the boardroom window.

The partnership tension in these novels is smoking cigarettes as the hero and also heroine are both trying to deny your feelings or they provide in and are do the efforts to keep it secret and not have actually it effect their working relationship.

And let me say – these incorporate some males who are both top in the boardroom and in the bedroom.

Whether you choose office romances collection in the legislation office, the this firm office, Hollywood or the newsroom, these books have you covered!

Top 10 best Office romantic Books:


Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

This book takes a spot on my top 10 best office romance books due to the fact that it had actually so much tension!

I don’t usually favor the intern/boss form story yet this one simply works.

Chloe is not just some young thing however is completing she MBA and also is a force. Bennett, her boss, is a complete bastard however this opponents to lovers story totally feeds that their anxiety in the office.

And the scene wherein they very first cross the line in between business and also pleasure…HOT!

Of course boss/employee relationship muddy the waters as soon as promotions room at stake and that’s nothing new in this story, yet the authors give us good characters who explore what’s a task worth when it pertains to matters the the heart.

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The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

This book exploded in popularity once it was released (and is currently being made into a movie!) and also rightly so – the is that good!

This is one more enemies to lovers romance in which two aides who’ve bring away competition to one more level at work-related are now up for the very same promotion.

What I favored most around this book is as soon as the layers room peeled ago for each character and when they realize the their assumptions around the various other were all wrong. Have the right to your nemesis really come to be your love?

This was a mainly debut by Thorne and also a should read romance book for sure. Shortly to it is in a motion picture!

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Tangled through Emma Chase

Tangled is a an excellent book because it showcases two equally ambitious characters in Kate and Drew.

Drew is confident, arrogant and quite the women man but he is totally brought to heel by Kate and also I love it. The brand-new York City invest banking step is reduced throat however these two grow on the pace and also the confidence needed to succeed.

This to be my an initial Emma chase book and also I’ve honestly read every among her publications since because I just loved this book and also series. You will too.

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Legal Affairs through Sawyer Bennett

I think Sawyer Bennett writes the ideal heated romance and she brings several of that heat and much more to Legal Affairs.

McKayla, after gift dumped by her boyfriend, decides to take up her friend’s market to sign up with a discreet club and also has a hot one night stand. Only her one night stand is now her brand-new boss in ~ the regulation firm she just joined.

Matt, the brand-new boss, yet can’t it seems to be ~ to save his hands off of McKayla also though he doesn’t carry out repeats.

This book was certainly steamy and also looks at the strength dynamic between boss and also employee. Plus, ns love reading law-themed publications by Bennett since she to be a psychological lawyer in her previous life!

If friend love Legal Affairs, you can additionally check out Confessions the a litigation God, which tells the story indigenous Matt’s point of view.

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Practice provides Perfect by Julie James

I love Julie James’ writing and wish she would certainly write much more books!

This is among my favourite of hers since it pits 2 lawyers against one another when they uncover out the they room both vying because that the same spot as partner.

I additionally love books where there is one initial misunderstanding the paves the method for how the two main personalities act as soon as really your feelings are fully different under the surface.

If you choose office romances set in a regulation office with good old fashioned competition then this is your read.

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Brooklynaire by Sarina Bowen

Looking for an office romance book featuring a hot nerd? well Brooklynaire is the book for you!

I adore Sarina Bowen’s books but this one is most likely my favorite since I love Nate. He’s rather of a technology nerd yet he’s a billionaire who owns a hockey team in Brooklyn.

What civilization don’t know about him is the he’s been secretly pining because that Rebecca, his employee who helps him manage the hockey team.

Rebecca is a sweet heart and Nate is adordable and together lock are simply the best. It’s a good will lock or won’t they story the you won’t be able to put down.

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Bossman by vi Keeland

Bossman brings you an additional boss/employee office romance whereby the two characters hit the off with their chemistry before even realizing the they work in the same office.

Chase is the CEO the the company that Reese currently works for and also he doesn’t protect against in his pursuit.

This is a an excellent office romantic with more depth to your backstories that will pull friend in.

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Huge Deal by Lauren Layne

Huge Deal takes us to the invest banking scene in NYC where Kennedy is just one of the optimal dogs.

Helping him follow me the method is his trusty assistant, Kate. Of course everyone approximately them have the right to see the attraction and also chemistry between them but they’ve maintained their feelings concealed from every other.

But those feelings might not stay surprise once Kennedy’s brother takes an alert of Kate.

A great office romance in between boss and assistant that ultimately takes off when a little jealousy comes right into play!

Amazon | Goodreads

Dating you Hating You by Christina Lauren

Dating you Hating You brings you a different office romance – one between two Hollywood agents!

Carter and Evie struggle it turn off after meeting at a Halloween party, only to find themselves working for the same agency once your employers merge.

The only difficulty is that in spite of their attraction come one another, they space both fighting because that the same job!

This is just one of my favorite Christina Lauren standalone romances so examine it out.

Amazon | Goodreads

Dirty Headlines through L.J. Shen

Dirty Headlines takes the office romance to the newsroom!

This is a great enemies to lover story where Jude inadvertently has a one night stand through Celian who turns out to be her ceo at her brand-new job.

That’s no her only trouble though as she cleaned the end his wallet the morning after your night together.

I loved the vibe the the newsroom in this story and the arrogance and also passion of Celian. It was such a good read and the perfect office romance.

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Do you have a favourite office romance book? re-superstructure in the comment below!

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