After completing Borderlands 3, professional players can try their hand in ~ True Vault Hunter Mode, however they should heed this tips prior to diving in.

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once you’ve to win the story in Borderlands 3 on normal, you might be wonder what your next procedures are. For those trying to find an added challenge to put their an abilities of destruction and looting to the test, then True Vault Hunter setting is the best method to execute it.

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but there are some things to know before diving into this intense difficulty mode. It renders some subtle changes to the game that have the right to work in her favor and are incredibly useful, or can develop unnecessary headaches if you aren’t ready for them. Before you dive in, keep the adhering to in mind.

10 You should Beat The game First

before you can access True Vault Hunter mode you have to beat the main storyline first on Normal. This way playing the video game start to complete in one of two people singleplayer or multiplayer. Once the credits have actually stopped rolling girlfriend can accessibility the key menu and True Vault Hunter setting will be obtainable as a difficulty option.

If friend haven’t beaten the game yet, emphasis your time on perfect the pursuits in normal first, even if there to be a method to access it prior to beating the video game you’d honestly desire to finish out the story to build up a strong character, otherwise you’re simply making points too tough on yourself.

True Vault Hunter mode is essentially a brand-new Game to add which way you start over at the very beginning v the new challenge in place. You begin the story over from the beginning and must continue through the whole quest line before you can accessibility the end game content.

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If you to be wanting to jump right right into the Raids and also Arenas then spend some time over there in Normal an initial as going ago through the story top top True Vault Hunter mode will take part time. However don’t invest too long as you’ll see in a few entries why it’s precious it to go v the story again.

That’s appropriate that start intro the teaches you the main point mechanics the the game can be totally skipped once you begin over with True Vault Hunter Mode. Learning how to beat the game, performing meaningless activities, and also probably most important of every the dialogue with Claptrap deserve to be entirely skipped.

You have the right to obviously play v the intro again if you want to, but if you’ve controlled to with True Vault Hunter mode then there’s really no point, unless you reap spending time with Claptrap or something.

The various other nice thing around True Vault Hunter setting is the you don’t lose any of your progress as soon as you begin over. All of your weapons, course mods, shields, grenade mods, and also anything in her inventory will bring over with you.

You’ll also hang onto to your level and the skills you’ve chosen in the vault playthrough. This way you begin out solid and with the very same setup you’ve end up being familiar through in her previous playthrough. Finally you"ll also have your Guardian rank so you’ll keep all those bonus stats you’ve built up as well.

another thing to understand about True Vault Hunter Mode is the you will certainly not lose your old save file on regular difficulty. If you’re finding the new mode to be too challenging or you’re tired of the questline for everything reason and want part mindless fun in the circle of Slaughter then you can pull increase the old save and play the there.

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just know that if you create a TVHM save file and go back to her Normal record none the that new progress will carry over as soon as you go ago to TVHM, for the you’d have to start another new game with your now stronger normal character.

True Vault Hunter setting is the highest difficulty setting in the video game so this way you’re in because that a real challenge. If this is your an initial playthrough because you’re using another person’s account then you honestly need to go earlier and play with Normal first.

If you’re trying to find the ultimate Borderlands 3 challenge then setup your playthrough come TVHM is going to provide it come you. If she finding things a little bit too easy still then rest assured this article will walk over a method to nudge the an obstacle up a small further.

The factor True Vault Hunter setting is so challenging is because combat is a lot more dangerous. The adversaries will have actually deeper health pools, better regeneration (if they have it), and will execute a lot an ext damage with an ext severe status effects.

If playing multiplayer then keep in psychic the enemies’ levels will certainly be collection to whoever the team leader is, so consider making the weakest player her leader to stop getting steam rolled. You’ll definitely have to up your video game to balance out the damage and also health bonuses the toughest adversaries are going to receive.

A positive effect of stronger adversaries is the the quantity of endure they carry out will likewise go up an interpretation you can get to level 50 a lot quicker in True Vault Hunter mode than you would in Normal. It will also help you get Guardian Ranks faster as girlfriend now have actually all the quests and side quests obtainable again come go towards your rank.

In theory you can even usage this to power level brand-new characters. Just blitz with the story on normal mode and then dive into TVHM as easily as feasible to ratchet your levels up fast.

due to the fact that your enemies are more daunting the game also increase the loot autumn rates and the odds of that drop being an ext valuable 보다 if you were in normal mode. After playing for a if you’ll notification less Common and Uncommon autumn (White and Green) and a lot more Rares and Epics (Blue and Purple).

In truth if you looking to load up on legend items climate TVHM is virtually the best means to perform it together the odds the legendaries and the lot of legendaries dropping is excellent in TVHM.

The reason True Vault Hunter setting is nearly the best way to get Legendaries and is virtually the toughest version of the game is due to the fact that there’s one last point you have the right to do to nudge the prey and an obstacle up a little higher.

when in TVHM you can likewise apply the Mayhem setting which makes opponents even tougher many thanks to arbitrarily modifiers that can additionally net you far better loot. You will have to reach Sanctuary to use this setting to your TVHM playthrough, however it’ll offer you the best difficulty and the ideal rewards this video game has to offer.

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