Because ns am constantly altering old t-shirts, and sewing knits, I have actually been wanting a serger for part time. For this reason after saving, and also after some Christmas money, i got an early present. I have to say I have actually been sewing on the daily, and also feel a bit like the tiny dancer girl, you recognize “seamstress for the band”? i figured a job of sewing and embroidery would certainly be a perfect occasion to wear the L.A. Lady Blue Jean Shirt. It is relaxed, comfy, made in the USA, and also I love the lyrical reference, love the song, and just love the clever blue jean button up.

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Love dressing increase this blue jean button up

Dig the tie-dyed jean

I have actually been thinking in strings of lamp lately, my think scrambled in between colorful lights. I desire to cover every little thing in glitter, and also cover every customs of my house in lights. I have actually been functioning on embellishing this grey t-shirt i have, v rows and also rows of colorful thread, it reminds me of vibrant rays the light.


Looks good layered or ~ above its own

The various other week my husband speak me he has a surprise, and also to acquire my coat.

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I number we are simply looking in ~ something outside, however we proceed to acquire in the car, drive a while, and also we pull approximately a home covered, I mean COVERED in lights, it was beautiful i don’t think ns have ever seen anything so colorful! He transforms the station, and also the lights space perfectly orchestrated come the music, blinking in and out with the song, transforming colors, and also pulsing the end the rhythm and bringing each tune to life. It to be so inspiring, do me desire to go home and also create, be inspired, and also finish up my rainbow tee so I can wear it through my jean top, together they would be perfect together.

Hope everyone had actually a vibrant & bright vacation season & a happy new year!❤ Heather