After gift romantically linked last summer, Bethenny Frankel invite Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet to be a guest on her SiriusXM show, B real with Bethenny, Wednesday morning. "People desire to resolve our date rumors, for this reason you deserve to clear them increase or I have the right to clear them up," Frankel said. "I mean, room we getting involved today on the radio? must we call everybody?"

"Well, i did bring a ring," Stonestreet joked.

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"You did? How huge is it?" Frankel asked. "Because that will really identify my answer."

"Let's simply say the I had somebody aid me bring it in," Stonestreet joked.

Frankel, 45, said she met Stonestreet, 44, v a girlfriend at a "douchey, Hollywood sector party" last spring. "As you had actually no idea ns was directly in genuine life, I had actually no idea that you were. Sorry!" Stonestreet said. "When she said, 'This is the queen the reality,' i thought...she intended you were like the queen bee fact agent. You were choose a CAA agent the would put me on a show. I'm like, 'OK, yeah. Thank you. Pretty to accomplish you. For this reason good.' as I started talking come you, she said something around Skinnygirl, and also I said to you, 'Oh mine God! You created Skinnygirl?'"

"And then what go you speak next?" Frankel asked.

"'You've gotten me laid,'" Stonestreet said.

As they continued to talk, Stonestreet touch Frankel's leather skirt and also joked the it was so special she must have been "expecting some type of arrowhead warfare from Vikings." according to the Real Housewives of brand-new York City star, "I had a premonition that I'd satisfy some kind of animal like you that would try to permeate the skirt." they exchanged phone call numbers, however Frankel didn't think much of it. "I assumed we were going to be shopping for skirts together."

Later, once Frankel to be leaving with an additional man in tow, a "wasted" Stonestreet stopped her. "I said, 'Why room you talk to this guys? I'm the most amazing person here,'" that recalled.

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"Exactly! and I thought that was an extremely confident and I liked that, however I still thought you were gay," Frankel said. "Not until I obtained home did ns realize—"

"—I remained in your bed?" Stonestreet joked.

"Yes! as soon as I looked over at you and you weren't interested in the guy I lugged home for you, ns thought, 'Oh, I'll have actually him because that myself,'" Frankel claimed with a laugh. "So, ns texted you and also said, 'Holy s--t! You're an remarkable actor. No! i asked my assistants: 'Is Eric Stonestreet ?' due to the fact that I didn't also know her name. I knew girlfriend were electronic came Modern Family>. Ns said, 'Is that gay?' and also they said, 'F--k no! He's native Kansas City. He's such a guys' guy. He's right into sports. Ns was like, 'Oh!' and then we had actually lunch the following day, and also here us are acquiring engaged."