These room the best small screen Android phones precious buying in 2019. Together you probably know, this days every call released has actually a huge screen. Enlarge isn’t constantly better, which is why some human being prefer little Android phones. The iphone SE is a perfect instance of a an excellent small phone, and Android individuals want something similar. 

It all began in 2011 v the Samsung Galaxy Note, and also now every firm offers a big phone. Native the Galaxy S10 to the OnePlus 6T or Pixel 3 XL. Phones with displays over 6-inches is the new norm. If you want one that’s small, or small(er) and easy to hold, we have you covered. 

The problem is most little phones don’t come with high-end specs or the latest features. As a result, you’ll need to buy a massive an equipment or damage on features. That isn’t the instance with every phone call though, which is why we gathered a perform of the finest phones we consider “small” this days. 


Best little Screen Android Phones

Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 3Huawei respect 10Samsung Galaxy S10eSony Xperia ZX2 CompactMoto G5 PlusNokia 3Palm Companion Phone

The Galaxy S10, LG V40, and also Pixel 3 XL all have substantial screens. However, several of those companies still offer smaller Android devices. Unfortunately, detect a deluxe phone through a small 3.5-inch display is basically impossible, but some options come nearby to the size.

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The small Android phones we recommend are either exceptionally affordable, deliver good battery life, or offer a premium endure in a little package. These are “small” compared to what rather is available, yet none room as tiny together the iphone phone SE. However, the Xperia XZ2 Compact is rather small.

In closing, many Android phones still have screens around 5-inches or bigger. Sadly, that’s around as tiny as they come. However, with shrinking bezels and also the latest technology, they’re much more compact 보다 you think. In fact, the Galaxy S10e has a large 5.8-inch screen but feels prefer a 4.5-inch phone. It’s a an excellent middle ground for potential buyers. We’ve updated this list through the best tiny screen Android phones accessible in 2019, and we’re hope to add an excellent options to it later this year, like the Pixel 3 Lite or the Pixel 4.

Google Pixel 2 (or Pixel 3)
Google Pixel 2 (or Pixel 3)

If you want a phone that isn"t pull close "phablet" region look no further than the Google Pixel 2. This small(ish) Android phone call delivers a high-end experience throughout the board, has one the the finest smartphone cameras top top the market, and currently runs Android 9 Pie through the choice to try the Android Q beta. And also while we recommend you acquire the Pixel 3 instead, the P2 is very cheap this days.

With the Pixel 2, you"ll get rapid performance, a an excellent design,and usually a Galaxy S8 in a tinypackage. It"s the best tiny phone available in my opinion.

The Google Pixel 2 it is intended a 5-inch 1080p full HD Samsung AMOLED display, dual front-facing speakers, an effective specs, the latest software, and also a highly qualified 12.3 Megapixel behind camera. Google supplies the very same portrait mode photography setups as the brand-new iPhone Xs, top top both the front and also rear cameras too.

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To round things out, the Pixel 2 attributes an IP67 dust and water-resistant rating, package a decent 2,700 mAh battery, and also supports rapid charging technology. Again, we understand this isn"t the smallest maker in the world, yet it"s the most powerful small Android call on the market today. The new Pixel 3 has actually a 5.5-inch screen and also is just a hair bigger many thanks to small bezels.