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Destiny 2 is to fill with activities and challenges for Guardians to complete. While some of these difficulties can be enjoyable or easy, others are monotonous and a enormous time sink. Bounties endure from this the worst, tasking players will killing a certain number of enemies or completing a set number of activities.

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Strikes room a good way to knock these out quickly, enabling you to complete Gunsmith, Vanguard, and also planetary bounties simultaneously. Part strikes additionally serve as great farming spots because that completing Exotic Catalyst objectives or search steps. Today, we'll go over the best strikes because that farming faction kills, boss eliminations, and also other objectives.

Updated respectable 7th, 2021, by Charles Burgar: Additional strikes have been released since we very first published this article, some of which have come to be top-tier strikes for certain bounty objectives. We've changed some of our references to newer strikes that space much much better for particular kills farms. Vex and also Fallen farms additionally have alternative strike recommendations due to the fact that these are generally the hardest kill requirements to fulfill. Use the table that contents above to run to a particular strike farm yard you need.

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Destiny 2 Lake that Shadows
LocationEuropean Dead ar (EDZ)
EnemiesTaken, sometimes Fallen
Strike LengthVery short
Lake that Shadows is the defacto win to farm for plenty of Destiny players, and also this is for an excellent reason. This strike has actually hundreds of Taken, is a straight strike that deserve to be speedrun in under 5 minutes, and also has a weak ceo that can conveniently be eliminated with a Sword.

If that wasn't enough, Lake the Shadows likewise starts football player in Trostland, a zone in the EDZ through three distinct Lost Sectors. Each player have the right to hop right into a specific Lost Sector and farm bounties if lock don't need Taken kills. No strike in Destiny 2 come close to the performance of agriculture Lake of Shadows.

Destiny 2 Broodhold Brood Queen Boss
LocationTangled Shore
EnemiesHive, Fallen
Strike LengthShort
at any time a Vanguard bounty asks because that Hive strike kills or completions, finish a couple of runs of the Broodhold to win on the Tangled Shore. This win is relatively quick, has actually over a hundreds Hive throughout the mission, and also counts as two boss kills once the Brood Queen and her shadow are slain.

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please can additionally be seen at the start of the strike, although there aren't sufficient to make this a good Fallen farm. If you have to farm Hive kills or ceo kills, Broodhold is your ideal option.

Strike LengthShort
Season of the Chosen's proving Grounds strike is just one of the most enemy-rich strikes you'll uncover in Destiny 2. Numerous Cabal space present, quite a few enemies count together minibosses, and it can be cleared in just a few minutes. Every foe is a Cabal in this strike, so if you should rack increase a big amount of Cabal kills because that a bounty or Exotic Catalyst, look at no further.

LocationTangled Shore
EnemiesVex, Cabal
Strike LengthLong
when the Vex show up in many strikes on Nessus, they appear in much higher numbers in the Warden the Nothing win on the Tangled Shore. The an initial half of this to win is practically exclusively Vex, allowing players to rack increase kills for Vex bounties fairly quickly.

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as for the strike itself, the Warden of nothing is quite slow. Getting to the boss can take as much as ten minutes based upon how quick your team is, back the boss is trivially easy. Warden the Nothing makes up because that its size by having actually Vex and also Cabal in great numbers, however players who only need Cabal death are better off farming proving Grounds or The arms Dealer.

Alternate Vex Farm: The turning back Spire

EnemiesVex, Cabal
Strike LengthMedium
If girlfriend get tired of farming the Warden the Nothing, The inverted Spire to win on Nessus is a solid alternative. Make your method to the 2nd encounter v a large group of Vex. Ruin the Vex, then restart the mission. You can also push to the end of the mission to fight a Vex boss, back the second fifty percent of inverted Spire is fairly long as result of the defense section.

EnemiesFallen, Hive
Strike LengthMedium
Destiny veterans deserve to probably pat this strike v their eyes closed, yet it's among the ideal Fallen farms in the video game currently. The Destiny 2 remake of this strike features hundreds of please enemies and also a reasonably easy boss. Build that use Warmind cells or spam Supers can conveniently rack up a enormous body count in this mission. Anytime you need to finish Fallen-related objectives, watch no more than The Devils' Lair.

Alternate please Farm: The Disgraced

EnemiesFallen, Hive
Strike LengthAverage
A wonderful Fallen farm can be discovered in the very first section that The Disgraced to win in the Cosmodrome. Journey to the opened encounter, then take down the first wave that Fallen that spawn. A second wave will shortly rush right into the room native the opposite end of the entrance, giving even an ext Fallen kills. Once they're dead, restart the strike.

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This makes for a quick, painless Fallen kill farm for players the don't want to farm shed Sectors when in the Lake of Shadows strike. Uneven you're play the Nightfall variant, this farm is very fast. The strike itself, however, is not. If you require boss kills, you're far better off agriculture Lake of Shadows or Broodhold.

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