Below space some an excellent tips and the finest brake pads for her Harley. At the finish of the day, selecting the ideal sintered or organic brake pads every comes under to your own preference and the riding you arrangement on doing.

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* February 22, 2021

Many riders frequently get recorded up all in the fuss over the recent innovation and also the finest parts. Recognize the finest replacement brake pads for your Harley can frequently lead to evaluation paralysis. If you’ve found yourself in this position – just like so many prior to you, here’s what to do.

What are The ideal Brake Pads For your Harley?

Go ago to basics, stop overthinking. Uneven you’re a high performance track racer, spending a fortune on brake pads simply isn’t precious it. The 2nd place you should look come find an ext information (You’re already at the first Checkpoint) is her Harley-Davidson owners manual. OEM brakes room the ideal option for most Harley riders. They offer everything you could need.However, OEM brake pads room often much more expensive than brake pads available by other manufacturers. Part riders (like myself) prefer the feeling of a various brake pad as they can and often do cause performance boosts and improved stopping power. Talking about improvements, if you’ve ever found your Harley shocks to it is in a tiny uncomfortable, check out our evaluation on Harley Davidson shocks.If power is what she after, you have to take a look in ~ sintered brake pads. which emphasis on performance. Semi-sintered or necessary brake pads space the means to walk If performance is not your finish goal, but you’re feather to maintain your stopping power v a various bite. The complete list that optimal brake pads for her Harley are:

Best Harley Davidson Touring Brake Pads

Finding the best brake pads for her Harley Davidson is a time spend task. We’ve done the research study for you and also found the 6 ideal Harley Davidson Brake Pads.

1. EBC Semi-Sintered Brake Pads

★Best Brake Pads because that Harley Touring / V-Rod 2008-2020

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EBC Semi-Sintered brake pads space a twin composite building which market the high performance benefit of a sintered brake pads if still being light and also less damaging come the rotor.These room well suited together replacements for both Kevlar brake pads as well as sintered metal pads. The semi sintered nature means that these market a similar feel to a softer rest while still an increasing performance to an enhanced level.

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Interesting performance trial and error has to be done on the V-Pad range. To run these brake pads through a dyno has displayed that the V-Pad range has much much better durability over various other aftermarket sintered brake pads.Ultimately, these have been designed through the hefty cruiser bikes and also street bikes in mind v the intention of being one of the ideal brake placements because that Harley Davidson riders.Replacement Brakes For:OEM 41852-08, 41854-08 & 42897-08Notes:Sold together one set (2 pads)Same brake pad is provided on front and also rear wheel