Ben and Lauren: Happily ever before After? Season 1 illustration 5 Review: partnership Retreat

For Lauren, it"s all bridesmaid dresses and also color schemes. (It"s evident Lauren hasn"t been with too much.)

I recognize my sister and there are three things that scare she to fatality - heights, sharks and hot pink.

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For Ben, it"s all doubts and also worrying around expressing himself. So basically nothing has readjusted his since his season the The Bachelor.

Personally, I"m disappointed that there aren"t any type of Bachelor alums in her bridal party. Walk this typical her partnership with the twins is just for TV? The horror.

The pair decides to go to counseling after your wedding disagreements... With Emily and also Haley and Lace and Grant?!

Nothing will resolve your relationship prefer opening up in former of three of your ex-girlfriends! 

The just thing that"s surprising is kris Harrison isn"t the therapist.

Ben and Lauren struggle to answer concerns correctly about each other in a Newlywed game, yet to be fair, ~ a season that Ben talking around being unlovable, it renders sense that she placed that down as his biggest fear. Even America to know its his best fear!

possibly I know you much better than you recognize yourself.


Is Dr. Mike also a genuine doctor? Or go Freeform hire him to lead this therapy session and rope course?

Scream, pray, jump!


You know you have actually a difficulty when a couple from Bachelor in sky are an ext successful at communicating than you are. Remember as soon as Lace was drunk her entire time on The Bachelor? Or as soon as Grant"s ex-girlfriend claimed he dumped she to be The Bachelorette? Ben and Lauren have to be worried about their relationship.

The illustration takes a dark turn when Ben starts to cry during therapy talking around being unlovable since second grade and also then admitting that does not desire to rush under the alter. I would certainly say it"s awkward for all of us to it is in watching this, however then i remember the "Grace" and the twins are in the room.

After his confession, the "therapist" (still don"t think he"s real) argues Ben and also Lauren acquire dressed up and also have a fake wedding and tell each other their feelings... Which provides no sense considering Ben just said he has actually no interest in a wedding anytime soon.

This leader Ben to say he definitely wants come postpone the wedding (set to it is in live on ABC) and enables us to ask again, WHY are THE TWINS and also GRANT/LACE THERE?

Ben and also Lauren"s uber driver lightens the mood and tells Ben come quit the cold feet and also have "hot feet."

Ok, black world watch the display too!

Uber driver

He"s certainly the MVP of this episode.

Leave that to chris Harrison to turn his conversation with Ben and Lauren about postponing the wedding into another therapy session, and also frankly, he did a much better job that Dr. Mike.

Seeing the couple back at the Bachelor mansion made me much more excited than ever before for Nick" Vs season come start... 47 days, but who"s counting?

Ben offers Lauren a new Fiat because that a roadway trip earlier to Denver and the present quickly turns into a auto commercial. #Sponsored 

The various other Bachelor alum are going to be so jealousy that lock only cost-free stuff they gained are SugarBearHair gummies. 

On your romantic road trip earlier home, Ben speak Lauren about when he had actually to obtain surgery top top his testicle and also sit on a bag that peas in college for ice. It was perfect timing because that him to share because Lauren to be trying come eat lunch.

did you need to tell your mommy that her nut was the size of a grapefruit?


The duo stops in las vegas for the iHeartRadio musical festival to do normal pair things prefer a push line (where lock answer a million questions about their wedding the is no longer happening), a photograph shoot and watch fight at a concert from backstage.

Imagine if Ed and Toots (the elderly couple that Ben and Lauren strike up conversation with a the diner), the Uber driver and the twins had their very own show. I"m reasoning a food preparation competition show would be best.

In previous episodes of Ben and also Lauren, Lauren was portrayed as a little annoying and also needy, but after this two component event, ns feel poor for her. She is clearly still head over heels for Ben, yet Ben is still acting prefer America"s favourite "unlovable" Bachelor.

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