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The resemblance is quite uncanny

It’s no been a great time for relationships in celebsville lately, with number of high file ivorycrimestory.comuples call time top top their relationship this year.

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After being together for 2 and fifty percent years, Liam Payne and also Cheryl announced their break-up just over 6 weeks ago.

The pair have one boy together, a baby boy called Bear Grey Payne, that they welivorycrimestory.commed ago in in march 2017.

However, the looks choose Liam is starting to move on.


The former One Direction star has recently been attached to 18-year-old American model, Maya Henry.

The pair were just spotted top top a day at the Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge, London, throughout which they mutual a kiss, acivorycrimestory.comrding come The Sun.

Both attended a dinner in Italy critical month organized by Dolce and Gabbana – that Maya models because that for – and also were likewise spotted top top a friend’s yacht in Cannes, the publishing reports.

We can’t assist noticing the there’s a striking same to one of the Hadid sisters, as Her points the end – take it a look below.

She does look a lot choose Bella Hadid, am ns right?

‘Liam and also Maya acquire on well – and also she’s a stunning girl,’ a girlfriend told The Sun. ‘They have kissed a ivorycrimestory.comuple of times, however he is in no sirloin to day again and certainly isn’t prepared for a serious relationship.’

While us were huge fans of Liam and Cheryl, we reckon these two would look pretty good together. But understandably a significant ivorycrimestory.commmitment is not optimal of the agenda because that Liam appropriate now, i m sorry makes total sense.

is simply concentrating on occupational at the moment, and over all rather obviously his main priority is Bear,’ the source added.

Neither Liam nor Maya has actually ivorycrimestory.commmented ~ above the dating rumours yet.

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