*We room so extremely grateful for her patronage and friendship. We are significantly humbled by her loyalty and unwavering assistance for the previous 16 years.*

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Please contact for an appointment prior to coming in. As soon as you arrive for your reserved appointment please speak to the Salon and also let us recognize you"re here, and also we will certainly let you know when you deserve to come in. Give thanks to you for the understanding!


Sunday: CLOSED

Monday: CLOSED


Wednesday: Donna:1:00-8:00


Thursday:Donna: 7:00 - 4:00

Bonnie:9:30- 2:30

Friday:Donna:7:00- 4:00

Bonnie:3:00- 7:30

Saturday: Donna:7:00- 3:00

Bonnie:8:30- 3:00


ALL prices are beginning points. Prices deserve to vary from detailed price range, depending upon time of service, product intake and, length of hair.


Single Process- $63+

Partial Foil- $75+

Full Foil- $100-$125+

Balayage- Starts in ~ $135+ (MUST schedule consult before Balayage appointment.)

Colorance- $23-$25+

Break Base-$25+

Eyebrow Wax- $14+Lip Wax- $13+Chin Wax- $13+ALL various other Waxing solutions (Back, Bikini, Legs, Arms, Ears, Etc...)- $14-$75+

Keratin (Express)- Starts in ~ $95+

Keratin (Full)- Starts at $300+

(Must schedule consult before a Keratin appointment)

Conditioning- $28-$35+

Bonnie Derro has had actually the privilege of doing what she loves for over 25 years. She enjoys transforming people’s hair and making them feeling amazing about themselves. Creative hair colour is the artistry that she is the most passionate about!

Bonnie strives to it is in balanced, feeding her mind, body and spirit with positive energy. She takes the moment to proceed to learn about herself and her field. Education is a top priority in our Salon. Bonnie and Donna both have taken and continue come take organization classes and also coaching. They believe that you, the client, are the most vital person and also want to make certain your experience is a 10! Bonnie has actually a strong connection v nature; she enjoys the an easy things in life prefer taking walks with her dogs and also working in she garden. She is likewise busy entertaining and also playing through her 7 grandchildren, and her favorite ar to be besides the shop is v them.

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“Being a hairstylistis THE best! every day we acquire to listen to music, it is in creative, bond with others and also make them feel amazing! us love it! at the prior to & after Salon, us are committed to complying with the golden rule -- *Treat others together youwould like to it is in treated.*

This mind collection appliesto professionalism, continuous excellent service, friendliness and also continued education. We room committedto transferring a total and complete endure that shows our loving appreciation and respect of ours profession and every single oneof ours clients.”

"Beauty starts the minute you decide to it is in yourself" -- chocolate Chanel

The shop is constantly so warm and also welcoming - a beautiful, relaxing location to unwind and also get your beauty on!Donna has been doing my hair for much longer than one of two people of us would care to remember. She is the consummate professional, but additionally one the the friendliest human being you"ll ever meet.Donna, Bonnie and also the remainder of the staff constantly keep up through the latest happenings in hair, therefore every client is in good hands.