Battenfeld"s Christmas Tree Farm supplies six tree types - Douglas Fir, White Pine, Spruce, Balsam Fir, Concolor Fir, and also Frazier Fir each through its own distinct characteristics and also appeal. We provide this range to enhance and personalize her holiday selection. Pick the form and size of tree the suits her tastes. We sell full company bailing. Simply pick the end your tree, reduced it down and also bring it come the Bailing Barn. Handsaws are easily accessible at the enntrance gate to the farm for a $10 returnable deposit ~ above exiting. Tree carts are obtainable at the Bailing Barn and throughout the property.

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Tree Tips


Douglas Fir

The Douglas Fir is amongst the finest Christmas trees - complete bodied with lengthy soft fragrant needles and superior needle retention. It"s traditionally one of the most famous trees in the Northeast.


White Pine

The largest pine in the U.S., the White Pine has actually soft, functional needles and is bluish-green in color. Needles space 2½ - 5 in. Long. White Pine"s have great needle retention, but have tiny aroma. They aren"t encourage for heavy ornaments.



The Spruce selection has short powdery blue eco-friendly stiff needles and branches. The Spuce is well-known for it"s beautiful perfect conical shape and also is excellent for hanging heavy ornaments.


Balsam Fir

As a Christmas tree, balsam fir has actually several desirable properties. It has a dark-green appearance, long-lasting needles, and also attractive form. It also retains its pleasing fragrance.

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Concolor Fir

White fir, additionally commonly referred to as Concolor Fir, is indigenous to the western and also is great ornamental tree and also is regularly used in cemeteries as a contrast to darker-colored evergreens.

Frazier Fir

The Frazier Fir is very popular and makes great Christmas tree. It has a slim profile v soft dark environment-friendly needles and also a blue underside. The is very Fragrant with great needle retention.