What do an easy White girls Say?

Ugg boots, yoga pants, and Victoria’s mystery sweats no the only indications of a simple white girl. Over there is also an unwritten thesaurus that simple white girl live and swear by. The most progressed stages the a white girl have the right to be heard making use of a mix of the complying with phrases.

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25. Why can’t food have like zero calories? (Basic White Girls)

24. Summer is two weeks and also I’m like.. (A simple White Girl)

23. I favor food more than people! (Basic White Girls)

22. Like..like..like. (Basic White Girls)

21. Deserve to I be you? (Basic White Girls)


20. Literally, I median like literally!

19. I can’t even.

18. And then i was like..

17. Omg, wine night!!

16. Don’t speak to me till I get my Starbucks!

15. Ns can’t wait to go home and take my pants off!

14. Tbt I miss out on summer = excuse to post a bikini pic.

13. I’m prefer dying.

12. Deserve to you not.

11. Exactly how will I obtain a boyfriend once I’m ugly?

10. I hate that mine friends are so perf.

9. Where is the aux cord in this demorphs bed?

8. I was going come look cute, however then i hit snooze.


7. Will pay someone to come cuddle through me.

6. To buy me (blank), so I recognize it’s real.

5. Why room boys the worst?

4. I’m so “hangry”!

3. Once he is over 6 foot..

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2. Body goals.

1. Deserve to I just like sleep forever?

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