Week 2 already! the time is really flying, y’all. Ns wasn’t ready for tonight’s episode and also I bet you weren’t either! So to kick off tonight’s recap, I’d like to tell girlfriend a story. I recently went on one online day (thank god for date apps) and we checked out a bar for drinks. Naught special, however still a good time, you know? Anyway, ns thought around it and then realized that every day I’ve gone on in the last 2 years has to be to a bar. Is The Bachelor the only location on earth where you have the right to go ~ above a day that doesn’t involve a bar? who help. My liver is starting to hurt.

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Anyway, on to week two! i feel like I say this every season, but man, oh male do the contestants obtain crazier with every happen year. These girls are completely loco. Episode two opens up up v the an initial group day card: Jackie, LB, Lauren H., Becca, Amber, Mandi, Jojo, Jubilee, Jennifer and Lace. The challenge? They’ll it is in learning about love. I’ll tell you who needs to learn something: it’s Lace, and she demands to learn to stop trying to make Ben makeout v her every 3 seconds. Either way, the girls show up to their day … and it’s a high school. High school. Bachelor High. Who’s the principal? chris Harrison, due to the fact that this is the high institution of middle America’s nightmares.

Basically, the girls have actually to complete in various tasks themed after ~ classes in high college in stimulate to victory homecoming queen and, subsequently, Ben’s heart. Maybe. The an initial class is science, whereby they have to, and I quote, “make Ben’s volcano explode” in order to development to the following round. Lace and also Jubilee get knocked out first since Lace can’t follow straightforward directions. Due to the fact that she’s the worst. The next class is having lunch — and also I wasn’t mindful that having lunch was a course — wherein the girls have to bob for apples. This is when the claws start to come out, as Jackie has a daunting time bobbing because that apples and also one of the Laurens (everyone is called Lauren. I’m Lauren, you’re Lauren, we’re all Lauren!) passes a remark the “Jackie is not good with her mouth, unfortunately.” Twenty minutes right into the episode and also we’re already going every out through the sex-related innuendo. The following class involved geography, whereby the girls had to place a cutout of Indiana top top a map of the unified States. Too negative no one knows wherein Indiana is ever. Jojo and her teammate, whose name ns can’t it is in bothered to remember, put it horizontally since apparently Indiana is associated with Pennsylvania. I’ve had it with this season already. Mandi and Amber win a complimentary throw contest so lock then need to compete versus each other, literally gyeongju to Ben and leaping over hurdles to do it come him, i m sorry Mandi how amazing wins. The girl is athletic! that knew?

At the end of the date, Becca is able to grab Ben to gain some one-on-one time which is good because i LOVE HER. She’s method more actual than Nick and also I’m excited to watch where the show takes her.

However, we’re going to pause our in-depth analysis of tonight’s illustration to concern something — why does Olivia invest so much time through her mouth large open? I experienced this tweet i m sorry expresses my feelings perfectly and I hope you reap it too. Back to the recap …

Lace interrupts everyone’s time v Ben so she deserve to get more ~ high quality time ~ with Ben. This chick might not it is in worse in ~ dating, yet then Jubilee comes in and saves the day v normal human conversation. She really opens up up come Ben and also personally ns think she’s too cool for every solitary person ~ above this show. Lace freaks out again and also tries to get much more time through Ben and also even though she security the whole time talking over him, she thinks he’s just not getting all over with him. Desire to recognize why? due to the fact that you won’t close up door up. There’s your answer.

Ben is a really great Bachelor in that he gives everyone time. If you watched Chris’s season (which us recapped!) you recognize that he spent most of his totally free time through Britt, yet somehow finished up placing a ring top top it through Whitney? that takes Jojo as much as the roof because that a romantic skyline view, there’s a most awkward clawing — yes, clawing — between the two of them, and also she ends up gaining the rose. I like Jojo, ns hope she sticks approximately for a while. She gets the first rose that the night, so i guess we’ve in ~ least acquired her for one more week!

The solo day card goes to Caila which kind of grosses me out due to the fact that she’s the ~ 50 shades of stunner ~ girl from the very first episode that made me want to slam mine head right into a wall. I guess she “we both offer software!” hoax really acquired him, huh? since this is the 2nd week, we’re obtaining our celebrity guest who occur to be ice Cube and also Kevin Hart. By the way, don’t forget to check out Ride along 2 in theaters this Friday! BTW, walk you ever lie awake at night wonder what is the most romantic thing Kevin Hart has ever before done? Don’t worry, we have an answer for you: “I cooked part fried chicken one time in a crockpot.” Nice.

Reminder: the pair still freak me out.

Ben and also Caila go on a literal ride along with Kevin Hart and also Ice Cube, i beg your pardon was actually funnier than I expected. Say thanks to god they were there, since the conversation between Ben and Caila to be seriously stilted — lock talk around their favourite colors and that’s the most interesting conversation castle have. The date ends with Ben, Caila and Kevin Hart in a hot bathtub … in the center of a hot bath tub store. It to be weird, however she got the second rose of the night, so ns guess all’s well that ends well?

The 2nd group date map arrives: Emily, Shushanna, Sam, Olivia, Haley and Amanda. The clue? “Are we a perfect match?” allow me tell friend something, i did not mean to see what I witnessed for the next twenty minute on mine television. They went to a love lab whereby a physician actually performed tests on lock to watch if the girls to be a physical match to Ben. This is legitimately the weirdest episode of tv I have ever before seen, and while I’m a recognized exaggerator, this is not among those times. Also, Shushanna deserve to speak English. That was bothering me for a while.

The women run through obstacles such as trial and error if their pheromones entice Ben — he speak Sam she smells sour, which is type of dreadful — and if your body heat corresponds to every other. At least, i think that’s what that was. I need to be honest that I quit paying attention when Olivia come on the screen because I was as well busy looking with tweets comparing her to frilled dragons. Olivia winner this an obstacle and Sam lost (I guess as result of her tart pheromones) and also Ben and Olivia end the day making out. She additionally gets the third rose because of food she does. These girls really hate Olivia and they aren’t even close to gift passive aggressive around it a la season 19’s Kelsey … they simply straight increase talk about how much they don’t choose her. It’s sort of admirable but additionally sort that boring. They don’t even pretend to like her.

The night the the climbed ceremony arrives and Olivia steals Ben, that course, since no one else can speak come him even despite she already got a climbed for the night. Deserve to anyone guess who’s walking to it is in the Britt the this season? together I to be watching this episode, I preserved thinking to myself that it would certainly be so an excellent if Lace tried to fight Olivia and also when Lace request Olivia to step outside, i honestly thought I to be going to gain my wish. Sadly, Lace was just drunk and also trying to to convince Olivia to step aside so Lace could get an ext time with him. While all this to be going down, Lauren B. Was busy totally winning Ben’s heart. I have a feeling she’s walking to make it pretty much this season, but I could be wrong. Ben gets a bunch of the girl he didn’t obtain to invest time v presents: Lauren B. It s okay a photo of them talk on the first date, Amanda it s okay barrettes for her daughters (Kinsley and Charlie, whose name I assumed was Jarley, yet that’s a story for an additional day).

The climbed ceremony and the adhering to lucky ladies acquire roses: Amanda, Jubilee, Lauren B., Leah, Becca, Rachel, Lace (somehow by the grace of God has been offered a 3rd chance at not embarrassing herself on one of the most widely watched reflects in the country) Jennifer, Emily, Jami, Lauren H., Shushanna, Haley and Amber. LB was originally given a rose, however she opts out as she’s not comfortable top top the present anymore.

This means Mandi is currently gone forever. Our Ashley S. Burned too bright, as well quickly. An excellent night, sweet princess.

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Thoughts & Feelings

How walk Ben recognize what passionfruit smells like? i don’t also know what passionfruit smells like.Does anyone rather think that Amanda the mom sounds prefer the indict counselor from Glee?Would you run away crying if someone told you your pheromones smelled weird? I probably would.

Texts from mine editor

Unfortunately, Brittny wasn’t may be to watch this week’s episode and also live message it with me (V5 worry production is in complete swing!) … so I’m leaving a quote from The Bachelor Live spoken by my second favorite person in this world besides Drake: